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What To Expect When You're Expecting Trouble
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Since this episode is titled D.O.C. -- and we all know that is an abbreviation for Denominazione di Origine Controllata that is placed on Italian wine bottles to indicate where a wine comes from, the grapes used in it and how it was produced -- I can only assume the writers want everyone to get rip-roaring drunk while watching this episode. I'd hate to disappoint them. The only question is Thunderbird or Night Train? This would have been easily answered back when Night Train was a fine apple wine (Such depth of flavor! Such unusual mouth-feel!), but some years ago it switched its old family recipe and began producing a fine grape wine which pretty much tastes like an unholy union between grape Kool Aid and rubbing alcohol. Which is basically what Thunderbird always tastes like. Maybe I'll head towards the Boone's, just for old times sake and, you know, Boone! That's weird. Did you know that Boone's is not D.O.C. certified? Huh.

As we know, Sun is pregnant. But unlike some lazy pregnant women, this fact does not stop her from working on her hands and knees in the garden. Since Charlie, her ersatz kidnapper, has gone camping, Sun probably feels secure there, but that feeling only lasts a moment as Jack lurks in the bushes. She looks around, panicked, until Jack wanders out and starts asking all sorts of creepy personal questions. He says he stopped by her tent, but Jin wasn't there. Sun explains that he is off with Desmond, Hurley, and Charlie. Jack was looking for her anyway because he wants to know all sorts of doctorly things like how she feels and if she is bleeding. That stops Sun in her garden-digging tracks. She demands to know what's up and why he is asking such horrifying questions, but he plays his I'm-a-doctor-and-have-free-rein-to-ask-creepy-questions card. Not to be trumped, Sun simply smiles and says she's fine.

Jack walks off as Sun has a flashback. She and Jin, just married, have moved into their new apartment. Jin calls to say that he stopped by the new pad and it's full of boxes, but he found time to set up the bed, nudge nudge, wink wink. Sun giggles and sits down on a park bench and announces that she is madly in love with him. As she hangs up the phone, a woman on the bench looks at Sun. She points at a wedding announcement in the paper and asks if that's her in the picture. Sun smiles and says yes. The stranger points out how handsome Jin is and Sun says she is a lucky girl. Then the woman reads that Sun's father runs Paik Automotive and comments on what a powerful family it is. Sun is starting to look suspicious, but she keeps calm by stating that she has nothing to do with the family business. The stranger keeps going though and asks about Jin's parents. When Sun says they're dead, the woman's demeanor changes and she starts to get snippy. Sun demands to know who she is, but the woman will only say that it would bring dishonor if people knew Mr. Paik's daughter married the son of a fisherman. Sun says she already knew that and doesn't care. The woman gets up and asks if she knew that Jin's mother was a prostitute. Sun is shocked and insulted. Just then, Wilmer Valderrama and a cameraman jump out of the background crowd and the stranger points her finger in Sun's face and says, "Yo' momma so hairy, they filmed Gorillas in the Mist in her shower." Sun doesn't respond, so the woman adds, "Yo' Momma so stupid, it took her 2 hours to watch 60 Minutes!" Wilmer giggles, Sun looks confused, and the woman demands $100,000 dollars or else she'll blab. Sun has to meet her in the park in three next days to pay up. We have just enough time for two fruitless questions: How did the blackmailer know Sun was going to be in the park? Did she wait around all day just in case or was she just lucky? Meh.

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