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Thanks, But I'm Not Hungry
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Oh, eye close-up. How I've missed you. Who do you belong to this time? Whose journey will we be following? John Locke wakes up in his snazzy New Otherton house. Let's see what's in the fridge for breakfast: melon, eggs, and sweet potatoes. He fries up some eggs, chops up some melon, and selects for some morning reading material Valis by Philip K. Dick, a work with which I'm not familiar. But if you check the first word on pages four, eight, fifteen -- oh, forget it. I'm a big fan of al fresco breakfast, but Locke appears to prefer the opposite: he opens the basement door and heads downstairs, the food on a tray.

He opens up a padlocked cell door. Inside is Ben. Locke hands him the tray, and the book. "These are the last two eggs," he says. He also makes sure to not hand over the giant kitchen knife that he left on the tray. Probably should have just left that up in the kitchen.

Ben is less than thrilled by the book: "I've already read it." Locke, instead of apologizing for not making a quick trip to the Mystery Friggin' Island branch of Chapters, says Ben might catch something he missed the first time around. Can you think of anything more boring than obsessively re-examining something you've already read or watched, looking for things you missed the first time? Who's got the time for that? ...Oh, right.

Anyway, Locke says he moved Ben from the rec room because he wanted him under the same roof. Aw. That's kind of sweet! Ben wants to know where Locke's other prisoner, Miles, is, but Locke doesn't want to share. Maybe Locke's grossed out that Ben keeps talking with his mouth full. "Actually, I was hoping you would share, Ben, seeing as you claim to have a spy on his ship," says Locke. Ben says he feels for Locke, who couldn't find the cabin, who can't make contact with Jacob. "You're so desperate to figure out what to do next, you're even asking me for help." Ben says it's just like old times, only he's locked in a different room this time. "And you're more lost than you ever were." Or maybe that should be: "And you're more Lost than you ever were."

Locke says he knows what Ben's trying to do, and it won't work. Really? He's figured out Ben likes to get under people's skin? He's sussed that out already? Nice work. Ben is only slightly less sarcastic than I am when he says, "Excellent, John! You're evolving!" Locke then shows just how evolved he is by brusquely taking Ben's breakfast back, then locking him in the cell again. In the hallway, Locke angrily throws the tray against the wall. Way to maintain your poker face, Locke. Inside his cell, Ben smirks slightly.

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