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No Man Is an Island
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We open on Craphole Island Beach, with a contemplative Desmond sitting, stroking his beard -- and if he found two friends with similarly long hair and disco beards, they could go out for Halloween as the Bee Gees. He's watching Claire play with Aaron. I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it until I had my own baby girl just a few months ago, but Aaron is clearly older than he's supposed to be. Not that I think it matters, and it would obviously be rather impractical to be so worried about matching a baby up with however old Aaron's supposed to be at any given time. And I have to admit that babies fascinate me a lot more than they ever used to, even if usually I'm thinking, "Cuter than my daughter?" (This may surprise you, but I've yet to find one that is.) I am also holding out the possibility that maybe this is some kind of soap-opera island that ages kids a lot quicker than normal (see also: Walt).

Eventually, Desmond walks over to Claire and tells her she's got a problem with her roof, and that she should move down the beach for just a night so he can fix it. She's all "whuh?" and says Aaron just fell asleep, and he promises her it'll be worth it (waking Aaron up, I guess). It'd take him a whole day to fix it? It's palm fronds on a tiny little shelter; how long could it take?

So because a Y-chromosomed person is talking to Claire, Charlie has to get involved, and he strolls over and asks Desmond (whom he calls "brother," mimicking Desmond) what's going on. Desmond says he wants to fix the roof. Charlie says the roof's fine, and furthermore, if there's a problem, he'll fix it himself, because he's "quite handy." As proof, he points out the church he was building with Eko "before Eko exploded." Charlie's constant concern for his fellow castaways really chokes you up, doesn't it? Although he's probably still a little resentful over his island pariah status, which seems to be waning. On the other hand, I would like to point out that this church he's bragging about? HAS NO ROOF. Desmond says he's just trying to help, and he wanders away. Claire asks what that was about. Charlie says he has no idea, but maybe they should find Desmond another button to push.

Jack's underwater prison. The Others have thoughtfully left the television for Jack to watch, but it's not like he can change the channel, and he appears to be going crazy (even more so) with the classic cartoons being shown. There's a knock on his cell door, so he obediently goes over to the corner and sits down. She asks how he's doing, and he's his usual snide self, so it's hard to tell if he's pissed off about being held captive or if he's annoyed by carrying the weight of the world. She says he seems "frustrated," and I can't imagine what might be frustrating about being held captive, JULIET, and Jack wants to know if they're going to tell him why he's here or if he's just going to keep watching cartoons. Juliet completely ducks the question, so Jack pointedly asks if he should speak to "Benjamin," like when you try to get results from a waiter or a cashier by asking to speak to a manager. Jack says he's starting to think that Juliet's just the person who brings him food. But if the movie Waiting taught us anything, it's that you don't mess with the people who serve you food. Well, it also taught us that Waiting is a really crappy movie, but that information isn't likely to be of any use to Jack right at this moment.

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