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When we open with a shot of a turntable needle dropping on another LP, so I was fully prepared for some more "Make Your Own Kind of Music." Instead, we get "My Conversation," by Slim Smith and the Uniques, a song and group I was not familiar with until this episode, much to my regret, as Hurley looks in awe around all the food in the Swan station Costco. He opens the candy. He has a chocolate bar and achieves chocogasm almost instantly. Kate's chocogasm seemed to take a little more effort. Isn't that always the way? He rips into a bag of potato chips. He cuts out the need for bowl or spoon by pouring first the cereal and then the milk directly into his mouth. Then he holds a banana over his open mouth and slices it over top. Next up, he opens a box that contains, um, a fully plated steak dinner, complete with biscuit and vegetables, and he grabs the steak with his hand and dips it in the mashed potatoes.

Okay, what? Oh, dream sequence. Something tells me the "Jin speaking English" preview from last week is coming up right away.

But first, Hurley chows down on a whipped cream and chocolate-covered sundae. Sure enough, we hear, "Hi there, Hurley," and the needle scratches across the record. Jin's standing in the doorway. "Jin, you're here," says Hurley. "I sure am," says Jin, pleasantly, in perfect English. "Dude, you're speaking English," says Hurley, whose fantasy self certainly has a penchant for stating the obvious. Jin replies that Hurley is in fact speaking Korean. And Hurley says, "I am?" only in what sounds to my untrained ear as Korean, albeit likely very accented Korean.

Suddenly there is a man in a chicken suit standing next to Jin. He says nothing (chickens can't speak, I guess). Hurley asks, in Korean, what he's doing there. Jin says, in English, "Everything's going to change." We hear the familiar beeping as Hurley says "what?" and Jin says it again: "Everything's going to change." Hurley's silent, and Jin adds, "Have a cluckety-cluck-cluck day, Hugo." And the dude in the chicken suit opens his mouth to speak, only when he says "Hurley!" it's in Kate's voice.

Hurley comes to in front of the Ap(ocalypse)ple II, with Kate saying his name, and the timer at about 3:45. And please, let's hope that's it for the dream sequence, at least for this episode. I hate them on Six Feet Under, I hate them on The Sopranos. I hate them when co-workers stroll up to you and share them with you, and I don't believe I'm alone in this. ["You aren't." -- Sars] Kate strolls up and says, "You fell asleep?" and Hurley goes for the old "resting my eyes" standby, only he doesn't really sell it. Kate taps a piece of paper taped to the computer, saying the numbers are on it. Hurley says he remembers the numbers, and starts typing them in, as Kate explains that Locke went back to the beach, so she's taking the next shift. "Jack told me about your job," she says, adding, "At least we have jobs again, right?" Whatever, fugitive Kate. Hurley says, "Hooray for us," and taps the Execute button.

Back in the prison pits of the non-Others, Sawyer is -- you're never going to believe this -- complaining. Jin starts talking -- in Korean -- and gesturing upwards. "No way, no more human pyramids," snaps Sawyer, who's probably pissed because three people makes for a pretty shitty pyramid. Michael tries yelling, "Let me out!" like that has any shot at working. Sawyer tells him to "chill" and Michael says that every minute he spends down there is another minute his son is out there. Sawyer says that until "Rambina" and her buddies decide what to do with them, there isn't anything they can do about it.

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