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Previously on Lost: Faucke, discussing the locked room on Widmore's sub, tells Sawyer that he doesn't like secrets; also, Sayid sees Zoe and Baby Face take a drugged Desmond out of the sub. Widmore's highly charged experiment not only lights up Desmond's life; it makes Desmond more than willing to go along with his plans -- no questions asked (damn it). When Sayid snatches him from the Widmorons and says they're dangerous, Des takes this in stride, too. Meanwhile, Richard tells the Jacobites they must destroy their only known way off the island -- Frank's plane.

Currently on Lost:; Sideways: Hugo Reyes is named "Man of the Year" at the grand opening gala for the Golden State Natural History Museum's Hugo Reyes Paleontology Wing. Dr. Pierre Chang aka Whomever Straume presides over the festivities, making a sweet "Everybody Loves Hugo" sort of speech. Hugo modestly accepts the wild applause of the crowd, and a frosted glass T-Rex statuette. But after the event, Mama Reyes is not as thrilled and proud as you might expect her to be. Carmen, who is personally aware that people have their needs, goes all we gotta get you a woman -- preferably one who didn't nurse him. She ignores her son's cringes, and announces she has set up a blind lunch date for him with Grandpa Tito's neighbor's daughter, Rosalita. They're going to play some pool; skip some school; act real cool; stay out all night; it's gonna feel all right.

Island; Jacobite Beach Resort and Casino; Boone's Bluff: Hurley replaces the dead flower at Libby's grave with a fresh one, and talks to her, but unlike all his other dead friends, she doesn't call, she doesn't write, she doesn't show, and she definitely doesn't talk back. Where's the love, Libby? Ilana interrupts this touching moment to announce she's going to fetch some dynamite from the Black Rock, so they can blow up the Ajira plane, over on Craphole-Adjacent. You pick up Little Dynamite. I'm gonna pick up Little Gun. Hurley doesn't think that's the best move, but Ilana says it's their only as one. Ilana softens then and asks Hurley whose grave he's at. He tells her about Libby and their first date that never happened thanks to Michael's sucky timing and murderous rampage.

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