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Once she's gone, Hurley hears the whispers. When he looks around for their source, he finds none other than Libby's killer: MICHAEL! When I was writing the recaplet, I wondered if it could be Smokey in a different disguise, forgetting that, supposedly, in the wake of Jacob's death, the only meatsuit that fits Smokey is Locke's. Hurley wants to know what he's doing there. Michael says, "I'm here to stop you from getting everyone killed." Dun. Title card.

Theme Song!

After the break, Hurley stares down Michael's ghost and finally asks why he should trust him. "You murdered Libby and Ana-Lucia." Michael says nothing matters right now, except stopping the Jacobites from getting all blowed up. Richard's dynamite plane-plan will kill too many, and if Hurley doesn't stop it, it will be all his fault. "People are listening to you now, Hurley."

Just then Jack walks up and asks who Hurley was talking to. Hurley lies, badly. "Um, no one." Jack tells him they're leaving and we cut to...

Sideways; Spanish Johnny's Restaurant: Scott, a ginormous Boss fan, points out that Spanish Johnny is the the second Springsteen reference in this episode. Lostpedia confirms that scribe Adam Horowitz is also a big Bruce fan, too. Anyhow, Hugo looks forlorn as he waits for Rosalita, who mustn't realize playing Blind Man's Bluff is a little baby's game. The waiter approaches and offers some more homemade tortilla chips and starts to clear away the unused place setting, but Hurley stops him, sheepishly adding that his date is late.

Soon thereafter, an attractive blonde stops at Hugo's table. "Hugo?" It's LIBBY! Of course this is the Sideways, so Hugo's brain doesn't know that yet, even if his soft heart does. He jumps to his feet and fumbles for the right thing to say, and settles on, "Hi. Nice to meet you. Wow. I wasn't expecting someone like you." Libby: "I'm sorry?" Hugo: "You know... someone so... pretty." Awww. Every guy should take blind date lessons from Hurley, right now. I'll wait 'til you get back. Hurley offers Libby a seat and says what I've been thinking: "You don't look like a Rosalita." That's because that's not her name. "It's Libby." She's not his blind date, she just saw him from across the room. When Hugo wants to know how she knew his name, Libby says that he'll think she's crazy if she tells him the truth. He says he won't, so she reaches out and takes his hand. "Hugo, do you believe that people can be connected -- like soul mates?" He nods. "I guess." She shakes her head and fights off the tears. "You don't remember me, do you?" He sure looks like he's trying. "Should I?"

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