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Camp Faucke: Faucke's whittling when Sawyer approaches. "Is that gonna be a spear?" Faucke says he doesn't know yet. He looks at the wood and says, "When the time is right, it'll tell me." Sawyer: "You talk to wood now." Kate hushes him and sits next to Faucke. Sawyer then bitches about how they've done nothing to get Jin back from Widmore. Faucke tells him there's a difference between doing nothing and waiting. Kate wants to know what they're waiting for. Faucke explains that just like the Returnees had to be on the Ajira flight together, the Fauckers will have to wait until Hugo, Sun, and Jack join them, before making a move. "That's the only way we're ever getting off this... God forsaken rock." Kate doesn't see that happening. Faucke scowls the ugliest, meanest scowl as he hopes that she's wrong. Before his face freezes like that, Sayid returns and asks to speak to Faucke in private.

Sayid leads Faucke through the jungle, as he reports that although Widmore didn't see him, the Widmorons did. Faucke: "And you let them live?" Sayid says he didn't see the point of killing them when he already had that for which he'd come. He pulls apart some brush to reveal Widmore's secret package: Desmond! He's tied to a tree, but is awfully Zen about it. Faucke cocks his head as if he's trying to put together the pieces of a puzzle. Commercial.

Jacob Beach Resort, Casino, and Ground Zero: Hurley digs through Ilana's things, passing over a Russian-language paperback edition of Dostoyevsky's Notes from Underground. When he finds what must be the sack o'Jacob. He looks in it and draws it closed. We cut to Richard across the way, who is hastily rifling through supplies. Ben looks at his old advisor. "Now what?" Richard says they go get more dynamite, or else Ilana will have died for nothing. Jack, saner than ever before, points out that maybe Ilana died "to show us to stay the hell away from dynamite." Richard's willing to take that risk, but Jack isn't. He promised Sun he'd get her off the island. Just then, Hurley chimes in and says he thinks Richard is right. "It's the only chance we've got." He looks right at Jack. "Trust me." And Jack? Does! "All right, let's get moving." Sigh. They grow up so fast.

We cut to Mr. Clucks, where Samm Fricking Levine waits on the big boss himself, Hugo, who orders a family-sized bucket the way an angry cowboy might order a bottle of whisky. As Hugo stuffs down his sorrows, the number 41 is called out over the P.A. system. Hugo waits expectantly, and then looks around, until he sees a sunglasses-wearing Desmond staring at him, so he snarls "What?" Des shrugs and walks over to him, removing his shades. "I'm sorry, have I seen you before?" Since Hugo owns the place, maybe Des has seen him in the commercial. He asks: "Want a Cluckateer keychain?" but there's nothing kindly about the offer. Des ignores the attitude and asks if he was on Oceanic Flight 815, about a week ago -- from Sydney. He continues acting oblivious and asks if he can join Hugo until his order is ready. When he then comments on how much chicken Hugo is eating, Hugo explains with great exasperation that he eats when he's depressed. Des, who has seen the light, remember, zeros right in on the issue. "So, what's her name?" Hugo explains about meeting Libby while waiting for Rosalita and how she's totally awesome, except for one thing. "She's crazy." Des chuckles. "Well all women are a little crazy, brothah." I'd bitch about that, but I'm afraid I'd prove his point, besides, it sounds way less offensive coming from someone like Des, aimed at someone like Hugo. (Okay, mostly because it's coming from Des. What? He's a special snowflake. He can straddle realities and infuse offensive generalizations with charm.) He explains that Libby lives in a sanitarium and claims they already know each other. "And that? I'd remember." Desmond leans in close. His voice -- gravel. "Tell me something. Did you believe her when she said she knew you?" Hugo considers this. "Yeah... Kinda." Des smiles. "Now I say go w' y'gut. Maybe you should -- you should try to find out where she thinks she knew y'from, before you give up on her." As Hugo chews over Desmond's words, Samm Levine calls out number 42. Desmond: "Ah, that's me, brothah. Well, uh, it was nice bumping into you." You too, 42!

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