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Faucke asks Desmond how long he was down in the hatch, pressing the buttons. When Desmond reminds him it was three years, Faucke comments on him ending up back here, again. "If I didn't know better, I would say this island has it in for you." Des is slick. "Do you know better?" Faucke: "Excuse me?" Des: "There's nothing special about me, brothah. This island has it in for all of us." Faucke points and nods. "Yes it does." But then, he spies Boy off in the brush. Although he's still portrayed by Kenton Duty, he looks older and his hair is noticeably darker. Desmond spins around, and just like Sawyer (and unlike Richard) he sees Boy, too. "Who's that?" Faucke is visibly peeved. "Just ignore him." Des says, "Do you know that boy?" Faucke yells: "I said ignore him!" At that, Boy smiles and takes off into the thicket.

Burning Black Rock: Richard asks Ben if there are still explosives at the New Otherton. Since there are, he plans to go there and get them, so they can get with blowing up the plane. Hurley says he knows what they have to do, and that's not it. "We have to go talk to Locke." Ben: "Are you trying to get us killed?" Hurley points off toward the trees. "It's not my idea. It's his." The Jacobites can't see Richard, and neither can we. The question is, can Hurley? Richard doesn't believe him. He tries to test him. "Ask him what the island is. [...] If he's really standing here next to me, then just ask him." Pssst, Hurley. It's a cork on the wine bottle that is the Hellmouth. Hurley walks right up to Richard, but looks like he's listening to someone else. "I don't have to prove anything to you Richard. You can either come with me, or keep trying to blow stuff up. Your call, dude." Oh, he's fronting. He learned how to do that, when Jacob was actually coaching him through his conversation with Dogen, but he's fronting just the same. Richard, who agrees with me, smiles. "He's lying. Jacob isn't telling us what to do, because Jacob never tells us what to do. I'm gonna make this simple. If that thing leaves the island, that's it. It's over." Miles wants to know what's over. Richard says, "Everything." He's determined to destroy the plan and welcomes any help he can get. He finds that help in Ben. And then Miles decides to go too, telling Hurley, "I saw that thing in action, man. It doesn't want to talk. Sorry." Oh Miles, your logic is sound, but your conclusion? Still wrong.

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