Exodus, Part I

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Arzt and rafts
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Walt parts the curtains in a hotel room to take in the majesty of Sydney Harbour just before dawn. And he apparently finds it boring beyond all belief, as he flicks on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers on the hotel television, waking up Mercutio, sleeping in the other bed. Considering he missed a lot of Walt's diaper days, getting woken up at 5:30 in the morning isn't that bad, but Mercutio's probably not thinking along those lines when he grumpily wakes up. "I always watch this show," is Walt's "explanation." Mercutio asks him to at least turn it down, and Walt defiantly cranks it up (with the fake volume bars on the television screen increasing five, ten at a time). Mercutio cannot be-leeeeve this kid, and snaps at him to turn it down. Walt shouts that Bryan let him watch it as loud as he wanted, and when Mercutio points out that he's not Bryan and grabs the remote and shuts it off, Walt grabs Vincent's leash and heads for the door.

Mercutio chases Walt down the hall, as Walt yells for Mercutio to get away from him, drawing attention from some of the other hotel guests. Catching him at the elevator, Mercutio says he doesn't like this any more than Walt does (NICE to say to your kid) but he's getting on that plane. And Mercutio forcibly drags Walt back to the room, telling the concerned guests that it's okay, because he's Walt's father. Walt yells that he's not, but Mercutio's word was apparently good enough for the other guests, who go back to their rooms.

And we all know how Walt and Mercutio have bonded since then. And Walt's still an early riser, as he wakes up here next to his dad, and wanders over to a tree to take a morning whiz. Said tree is not far enough from the camp for my liking, however; fortunately for the health and hygiene of the rest of the beach lostaways, before he can contaminate their living area, Walt spies someone moving through the bushes. It's Rousseau, not that Walt knows her. He follows her through the trees as she approaches the camp. And so much for the neighbourhood watch instituted after Claire was kidnapped, hey? I'm giving Rousseau the benefit of the doubt and assuming that she's ignoring Walt, because given that he seems to be about six feet away from her, there's no way she couldn't see him. It's when she finally walks into the camp that she looks directly at Walt. She has her perma-crazy look on her face, and she ignores Walt and keeps walking. Walt stats shouting for his dad, waking everyone else up in the process. "Who's that?" Charlie wants to know, and Sawyer guesses that it must be the "French chick," and I suppose that's for the benefit of all the viewers who didn't just see the "previously on Lost" scenes. Sayid tells everyone that it's okay -- oh yeah? The crazy woman with the gun who blew up her own shelter rather than be found again is strolling through the camp? She's okay? He asks her what she's doing there. "The others are coming," she says. Yeah, for about twelve episodes now. Did they get lost? Get a copy of Let's Go: Craphole Island already, damn.

After the first round of commercials, we come back to Rousseau holding the lostaways enthralled with her story of a fateful ship that ran aground with her team sixteen years ago. She says she was already seven months pregnant at the time. So you were leading this expedition why? "I delivered the infant myself," she says. Wow, that's some motherly warmth. "The baby and I were together only one week, when I saw black smoke, a pillar of black smoke, five kilometres inland. That night, they came. They came, and took her. Alex. They took my baby." Charlie can't help but glance at Claire, who hugs Turniphead just a little more closely. "And now, they're coming again," continues Rousseau, the World's Worst Bedtime Storyteller Ever. "They're coming for all of you." "Who's coming?" says Jack, like, here we go again. "The others," says Rousseau. Anybody want to question her a little further? See if she says anything more than "the others" over and over again? "You have only three choices: run, hide...or die." She's so inspiring. It's like a Tony Robbins seminar.

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