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It's Time To Switch To Whisky, We've Been Drinking Beer All Night

Sure enough, it's Claire who Desmond hauls onto the sand, with Charlie flipping out and getting in the way of Desmond trying to revive her. Probably jealous of the mouth to mouth Desmond is giving her, along with the CPR. Finally Claire spits up some water and starts coughing. Desmond picks her up (with Charlie whining because he wants to do it) and carries her back to her tent, and Charlie switches from offering to carry her to asking how Desmond knew she was drowning. Hurley knows. "That guy? Sees the future, dude," he says. Or, in this case, the present.

Desmond's sitting on the beach, staring at his picture of him and Penny at some marina. Claire wafts up. "She's beautiful," she says. Relax, Claire. You're still the prettiest girl on the island. Claire sits down as Desmond says thanks, and that her name is Penny -- Penelope. Then he asks how Claire's doing, and she stammers out something about the undertow, and how if Desmond hadn't been there...

Then we hear Aaron crying. Charlie strolls up, holding him. He bitches that he thought Claire was only going to be five minutes. Of course, his concern has nothing to do with Claire spending time with someone who is not Charlie; no, Charlie's thinking only of Aaron, who Charlie says is starving. So Claire wraps up her thank-you to Desmond, who says it was his pleasure, while Charlie gives him the stink-eye.

Abbot and Costello -- er, Charlie and Hurley hatch a plan, because Charlie is really not buying this "precognitive insanity" nonsense, because if Desmond really could see the future, he wouldn't have ended up here, right? They stomp back into Sawyer's tent as Hurley points out that whatever Charlie's plan is, Desmond will know it before Charlie himself does. Charlie's rummaging through Sawyer's stuff. "In that case, we'll have to get him really bloody drunk," he says, having located a bottle of -- dude! -- sixty-year-old whisky.

Desmond's half-heartedly gathering together wood for a fire on the beach in advance of the setting sun as Hurley and Charlie stroll up. Desmond doesn't seem to be too interested in talking to them. Or maybe it's just Charlie, who is at least pretending to feel bad about not being more grateful this morning. "Thank you for helping Claire not drown," he says. He's brought a peace offering, and sticks the bottle of whisky in the sand, and Desmond says he's been doing too much drinking lately. Charlie looks really disappointed, since his whole plan revolves around assuming the Scotsman will want to get drunk. "Too good for us, brother?" he tries, and Desmond shakes his head, but in a "no, that's not it" kind of way. Charlie gathers up the drink and makes to leave, but Desmond asks what kind of whisky it is. "MacCutcheon," says Charlie, holding it out, and Desmond starts laughing his ass off. Sounds good to him! Charlie offers him a glass, but Desmond wants the bottle instead: "If you've come to drink, let's drink!" he says, and Charlie gives him the bottle. Desmond pulls the cork out with his teeth, and takes a nice unhealthy swig.

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