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It's Time To Switch To Whisky, We've Been Drinking Beer All Night

And then it starts to rain. (What about Penny asking him where the tie was?) All around Desmond and Charlie, the music-loving Londoners open up their brollies and take cover. Charlie scrambles to gather up his stuff, while the camera pulls up, all the better to get the standard arms-out shot of Desmond looking up into the rain.

Speaking of university days, I also don't miss pretentious nonsense-spouting professors (which, I hasten to add, were admittedly a minority at my school). We're in some university, I guess, as some dude is lecturing a woman as they walk together about how her paper? Thesis? I (I think my broadcast was cut off a little) is "... a bit neat. The wild card part, which is unpredictability. Run the same test ten times, you'll get ten different outcomes. It's what makes life so wonderfully... " He's interrupted in dazzling the undergrad with his intellectual brilliance by Desmond, who comes running into the building onto the ground floor and yells, "Donovan!" up at them. "Case in point," says "Donovan," who has earned my dislike in a mere ten on-screen seconds, "who could have known that a drenched Scotsman would appear in this rotunda?" Well, Desmond knew, perfesser.

Down on the ground floor, Desmond says, teasingly, "You've looked better, Des; not much, but... " Desmond's got no time for this, and I am on board with Donovan shutting up for a second, and says he needs to ask Donovan something: "What do you know about time travel?" Uh, what kind of university is this? Is this where Dr. Peter Venkman went to school?

Donovan and Desmond sit over beers at a pub, looking at each other. Donovan takes a sip from his glass, and says, "Are you bloody insane?" Desmond just wants to know if it's possible. "Which part?" says Donovan. "The island full of mysterious hatches? Or the computer which keeps the world from ending?" Desmond wants Donovan to forget he's Des's best mate: "As a physicist -- is it possible that I've somehow managed to go back in time, and I'm now living my life over again?" Desmond starts to laugh, which Desmond doesn't appreciate, but Donovan explains: "Penny's father berates you for not being a great man, and voila, you've dreamed a future where you push a button to save the world." Hmmm. I like Donovan's general theory here, but I have to say that if Desmond were to come up with a fantasy of greatness, the Lost universe is kind of a fucked-up one. Desmond says it's not in his head; he remembers things. His memories aren't in his head? So Donovan asks him what's going to happen next, right now. "It doesn't work like that. I don't remember everything, just bits and pieces," says Desmond, which Donovan calls "wonderfully convenient," although I'd argue that for Desmond it's actually rather inconvenient that he can't prove it to Donovan.

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