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I always start recording an episode a minute or two prior to show time, just as a safety, you know? Well, the series finale of Scrubs aired right before Lost, "Follow The Leader" and I tear up every time I see it, which makes it really hard to get in the right frame of mind for Lost. I'm no Superman. Thank goodness for the beautifully violent, spooky, gloomy, and creepy...

Previously on Lost: Ben saves Locke's life to take it. Then on Hydra Island, Locke surprises Ben by being all alive. Sun shows Locke the picture of Jack, Kate, Hurley and the other 1977 Dharma recruits and asks if he knows how to find Jin. Locke gives a non-committal, "I have some ideas," in response. Sun asks if Ben knew Locke would get all undead if they brought him back to the island. Ben says, "Dead is dead. You don't get to come back from that." So what does he know? Daniel tells Jack about "The Incident" at the Swan and how the energy unleashed as a result of it, was ultimately responsible for the crash of Ocean 815. But Daniel thinks he can preempt the incident, by blowing everything up with the "Jughead" hydrogen bomb. And now?

The Island; Outskirts of Camp Richard; 1977: We get a quick review of the fatal ending of "The Variable" with some new scenes stuffed in the middle. With the gun he doesn't know how to use drawn and pointed at Richard, Daniel asks where the hydrogen bomb is, as Kate and Jack watch from the bushes. Daniel gives Richard three seconds to answer, but time moves differently on the island, so three measly seconds is plenty of time for Kate to ask Jack what Daniel's doing and throw in some commentary, too. "Jack, he's crazy." But remember how Jack's been all calm and mature and ready not to interfere since he returned to Craphole? Either he's all over that now, or his calm façade was even more of a cover than his snazzy Dharma coveralls, because he says, "Is he? What if this is why we're here? What if this is our one chance to put things back the way they're supposed to be?"

Kate's in quick-study mode this week, and gets that Jack's gone completely 'round the bend, so she manages not to say, "Well, then we're screwed," when a shot rings out and Eloise Hawking kills the adult version of the baby we're soon going to learn she's currently carrying her womb -- that is -- our very own adorkable, hottie mad-scientist, Daniel Faraday. Jack's ready to rush Camp Richard but Kate pulls him back and convinces him to flee. They run in the wrong direction though and are caught by two Others on horseback -- a nameless Other-Goon and Charles Widmore. Is it just me, or when he's played by David S. Lee, is Widmore is kind of nummy in a needs-a-bath-Viggo-Mortensen/Aragorn sort of way? Widmore thwacks Jack in the face with the butt of his rifle, bloodying his pretty face and knocking him to the ground. Kate looks like she cares for at least three seconds. Other-Goon dismounts and orders Kate and Jack not to move, and Widmore approaches and asks "Just who the bloody hell might you be?" We cut to...

Camp Richard, Proper: Eloise "You Give Love A Bad Name" Hawking leafs through Daniel's journal and pauses on the inscription:

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