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Closeup of an eye set in the face of someone who's bloodied and bruised. Pull back some, and we see that it's Locke, lying on his back on the jungle grass, looking discombobulated, staring up through the trees. It's very reminiscent of how we met Jack, way back when, and considering what happens in this episode, that surely can't be a coincidence.

There's a rustling a little ways away, and Locke lifts his head to see Desmond running by, looking around. Locke does not call out. Probably sick of Des's Groundskeeper Willie impression. After a moment, Desmond's gone. It should be noted that Desmond was not, strictly speaking, wearing clothes. Locke slowly gets to his feet, then hears a noise from the branches above him -- and barely misses getting knocked out by Eko's Bible Thumper, which drops from the trees. He looks at it and frowns -- I'm thinking because of the biblical spelling mistakes.

On the beach now, Locke purposefully stomps over to his camp and starts ripping it down with his knife. Claire and Charlie, nearby, spot him and get all curious. Well, Claire does, anyway. "When'd John get back? And what's he doing? Where's he been? Where's everyone else?" She turns to Charlie, who has been blessedly silent, not that he could get a word in edge-wise with Claire yammering away like this. "Don't you think you should go and find out?" Your legs broken, Claire? No? Then you go ask him. After all, Locke has not, until a flashback reveals otherwise, punched you many times in the face. Locke stomps by, carrying sticks and tarps and a kitchen sink.

Charlie catches up with him in the framework of Eko's church in progress. Charlie opens with attitude: "So you're gone for a whole day, after a massive hatch detonation. You don't call; you don't write... " How about this, Charlie: Locke's gone for a whole day, after a massive hatch detonation. You don't look for him; you go and resume your quest to get into Claire's pants. Anyway, Charlie finally notices that Locke is completely ignoring his blatherings, and asks if he's interrupting anything. Locke apologetically pats at his throat, and it doesn't take that long for Charlie to deduce that Locke can't speak. "I am sorry about that," he says, and I haven't decided if he's being serious about that. Probably not. He asks about Desmond and Eko. "Are they off being mute and building structures as well?" Locke motions to his throat again, and Charlie's all, yeah yeah, I know you're mute, John. But that's not what Locke's going on about this time. He makes speaking motions, and Charlie deduces that he needs to speak, and then they have a little game of charades in which Locke tries to tell Charlie who he needs to speak to: he picks up a handful of sand (Charlie: "Sand. You need to speak to sand"), he sweeps his arms around to indicate the island (Charlie: "Trees? Yeah, I hear they're wonderful conversationalists"). Locke's forced to advance menacingly on Charlie in the hopes of reducing the frequency of stupid comments (although, in Charlie's defense, Locke doesn't even tell him how many words the answer contains, and doesn't even try "sounds like... ," not even once), and eventually manages to get Charlie to guess "the island." Because that makes much more sense than "sand" or "the trees," Locke. And Charlie has to confirm it: "You need to speak to the island."

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