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Back at the commune, Locke strolls up to the greenhouse, which is being guarded by a shaggy-haired fellow named Kim, holding a rifle. Locke greets him and asks if Mike and Jan are in. "Yeah, they were looking for you," says Kim, not real friendly-like. Locke notices, but pretends not to: "Good, good. Good timing then, huh?" And he goes inside.

Sure enough, the greenhouse is wall to wall with marijuana plants. Mike and Jan are packing up files and baggies and arguing with each other about bags of cash and bank records. "Shouldn't we sort out what they can trace?" asks Mike, and Jan yells that there's no time. "What's going on?" duhs Locke. "What does it look like?" snaps Jan. Mike tells Locke that he screwed up, blew it big time. Locke has no idea what's going on: "What are you doing? Are you leaving? Why?" Jan shoves a folder at his chest: "That is why, you idiot!" Locke opens it, as Mike tells him his friend's a cop. Locke looks at a picture of a Humboldt County Sheriff 's ID, with Eddie's picture on it. Edward F. Colburn is the name on the ID. "Do you know how much jail time we'd get for this much weed?" asks Mike, who's at least not yelling like Jan: "Nice picture, huh? Got him fresh out of the academy!" Locke tries to tell them that Eddie was hitchhiking and was going to Eureka. Who knew Locke was unfamiliar with the concept of undercover police work? "He was waiting for you, John," says Jan. "He has been here for six weeks gathering evidence because you brought him here." Locke calls that "impossible," and Mike tells him Eddie played him for a sucker, and now it's over. And while they're stringing up Locke for this, can I just ask what kind of massive marijuana grow op lets perfect strangers just wander onto their property? Does that make any sense to anybody? Anyway, Locke tells Mike and Jan that they don't know what Eddie has on them. "He hasn't even been in here yet. If he's still gathering evidence and trying to make a case, then it's not too late." "Not too late for what?" asks Jan. She and Mike are both looking at Locke now. "To protect us. To protect all of us. It's not too late to fix this. I can fix this," says Locke. Mike takes a couple of steps towards him. "How are you going to do that, John? Huh?"

Flashback to the cave. Locke's still looking around, but the music is getting louder and more intense, so we must be close. He comes across a section of the cave just littered with bones, some of them human. Instantly, I think of that old Far Side cartoon where the bear puts on a skull-puppet show for his cubs. Locke notices that one of the skeletons seems to be wearing some Dharma-brand clothes. Pearl Station, represent! Then he spots Eko, lying on the ground, arm outstretched. At first, I thought the bloody bone was what was life of Eko's chewed-off arm, but it turns out he was just holding the bone as a weapon.

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