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Eko's barely conscious, and he wakes up when he sees Locke. Just then, though, there's a roaring, and Eko's dragged away. We get a ridiculous fight with lots of quick shots of a snarling "polar bear," and I laughed out loud several times. Locke grabs Eko's arms and tries pulling him, throwing a rock at the bear. Then he pulls out the hairspray and makes like Rob Lowe in St. Elmo's Fire, frying the bear's head. We get an absolutely hysterical shot of the "bear" "running" "away." And I hope that's the last we see of it. I appreciate the ambition, but if this is what it's going to look like, let's just have Sawyer make the polar bears extinct too, and be done with it. Locke lifts Eko up and drags him out of the cage, where Charlie's still waiting.

Locke lays Eko down on the ground. "Is he okay? Is he alive? Is he all right?" asks Charlie, genuinely concerned. Locke tells him Eko's alive, and they've got to get out of there. They lift Eko up, and carry him away.

Hurley and Desmond are strolling through the jungle, with Desmond filling him in on what happened. "So, when you say 'turn the key,' you mean like key, key?" like WHAT IN GOD'S HOLY NAME ARE YOU BLATHERING ABOUT, HURLEY? Desmond tells him it was a failsafe key, which Hurley says seems kind of convenient. "If you had this magic key the whole time, why didn't you, like, use it?" Desmond says he didn't know what would happen. But now he does: "The failsafe key must have detonated the electromagnetic anomaly, made the hatch implode." Hurley points out that Desmond didn't implode, which Des acknowledges is true.

Unfortunately, we're not yet done with Hurley's "comic relief" aspect of tonight's episode: "You're not going to, like, turn into the Hulk, or something." Desmond laughs. Hurley asks him if the implosion is what made the "blender noise" and turned the sky purple. Desmond says he missed that, so Hurley fills him in: "Well, FYI, the whole island vibrated. And Kate and Jack and Sawyer saw it, too, right before they got bags pulled over their heads." How weird for Hurley to specify that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer all saw it, other than so Desmond can say, "Don't worry. Locke's going to go after them. He said so in his speech." Hurley's all, speech in the what now? "All he said was he was going to go save Eko and kill bears." Desmond blinks, and looks as if something's coming back to him. He says Hurley's right (which is weird enough, since it's not like Desmond was there when Locke said that) and that he's just a bit shook up.

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