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Back on Craphole Island, Charlie and Locke are still dragging Eko back to the beach when Charlie hears a stream. "Let's put him down, maybe get some water in him," says Locke. They set him down, and Charlie volunteers to go get the water while Locke waits with Eko.

And sure, since Eko's unconscious, now it's easy for Locke to apologize to him. He says he's sorry he doubted Eko and gave up his faith in the island, because now their people are captured. "If I'd just listened to you, if I'd just let you keep pushing the button... I could have gone with them, protected them. I could have saved them." Eko speaks: "You can still protect them. You can still save them." Locke, stunned, looks over; Eko hasn't moved, but his eyes are open and he's looking directly at Locke, who says he doesn't know where they are. "You will find them. After all, you are a hunter, John." Locke thinks about this a moment, but before he can respond, Charlie comes back. "Did you say something?" Locke says Eko's awake, but when he and Charlie look back at Eko, he's zonked out. In fact, Eko's not even there at all! No, wait; there he is. Locke tries to give him some water, but Eko doesn't respond. "Maybe we should just get him back, John," says Charlie, who clearly thinks Locke's nuts.

Claire's doing laundry at the beach when she sees Charlie and Locke carrying Eko. She goes running over when they see her, as does this other Lostaway, who I last saw pining away for Laura Linney, who had a brother whose medical and emotional needs put a major damper on any kind of relationship she tried to have, and he says, "What happened?" Hurley comes over too, and asks if Eko's alive. And then another heretofore unseen and mute Lostaway, a woman this time, says they need Jack. Locke gets Charlie to take Eko into a shelter, and Hurley says Jack's not coming back: "They've got him." Claire freaks: "What? What are you talking about, Hurley?" And then this other chick is all, "Hi, longtime Lostaway, first-time speaker? Yeah, Jack's gone? I don't understand. Okay, when were you planning on telling us this, Hurley?" Whoa! Didn't Hurley just get back? Give him a break, Nikki. Meanwhile, the other new guy is completely clueless: "What do you mean 'they'? Who's 'they'?" Locke tells them about the Others, and says that yes, they've got Jack, Kate and Sawyer. "How? What happened?" says "Paulo," who really should have thought about catching up with the DVDs before he got here. Claire asks about Sun, Jin and Sayid, but Locke says he doesn't know about them. "I'm going to find our friends. I don't know how yet, but I will. We're going to find them. All of them. And then we're going to bring them home." While Locke's making his -- oh, what's that word for a formal, articulate expression of thoughts and feelings? Let's call it a "statement" -- about going back for the other three, Hurley's looked over to where Desmond is obliviously chucking rocks in the ocean. Locke continues: "First things first: we've got to look out for Mr. Eko. So Paulo and Nikki, bring towels and water. Claire, we've got to clean him up, so bring all the first-aid supplies." This other guy strolls by and says, "How's it hangin', Locke?" and Locke says, "Yeah, hey, Roy."

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