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The drugs are working

And then I thought we went to the commercials, but there's Brian Porter (Walt's adopted dad) handing out Pizza Hut to his screaming kids. Looks like he got over Susan's death pretty damn fast.

Locke's finally figured out that when you've lost your voice, a pen and a piece of paper are a big help. He scribbles "I need your help" on it, and he shows it to... Charlie? Huh. Okay. Well, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Hurley, Eko, Desmond, Michael, Rousseau, Boone, Shannon, Libby, Ana-Lucia, Scott/Steve and, hell, Henry/Ben, are nowhere to be found, so Charlie it is. "Since when do you need my help?" says Charlie, and Locke totally wastes good paper (even if they were in a place with a Staples right around the corner) and flips to a new page and scribbles "I need U 2 stand guard," like who knew Locke was such a Prince fan? "Oh yes, so you can talk to the island," says Charlie sarcastically, and adds that as amusing as "the mute game" invariably is, "you are aware, John, that I detest you." Trust me, Charlie: you learn to live with the hate. Charlie reminds Locke of how he punched Charlie repeatedly in the face and accused him of using heroin when he wasn't. I love how indignant he is about that: "on the few particular times you accused me of using my drug of choice, I was not in fact high." Locke just writes down "@ the sweat lodge" on yet another sheet of paper, and Charlie says, "The sodding hell is a 'sweat lodge'?"

Flashback to an old pickup driving down a lonely highway. There's blues music on the radio, and Locke's behind the wheel. It looks to be early morning, and it's raining hard. So when Locke comes along a drenched young man with his thumb sticking out, it's no big surprise that the big-hearted Locke stops. "Where ya headed?" he yells, rolling down the window. "Eureka," says the lad, who was recently seen playing Tom Cruise's son in War of the Worlds. Lived to tell about it, too. ["He was also utterly effing awesome in the Weeds pilot." -- Joe R] Locke says he can take him as far as Britchfield or Bridgeville or Bumfuck or wherever, and the kid climbs in the cab, and they introduce themselves; the guy's name is Eddie. "You don't mind my asking, what's in Eureka?" says Locke. Eddie says he heard there's work there, cutting timber. Or perhaps he's a music producer, and is hoping to cut some timbre. "That what you do?" asks Locke. "That might be what I do, I don't know. All I know is that I had to get out of where I came from." Eddie says his mom's dead and his dad's drunk. "Sister's a whore?" asks Locke. Well, no -- he just gives Eddie a sympathetic smile.

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