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The drugs are working

Just as Locke's noticing that the rain's let up, a state trooper behind them lets his siren tweet for a moment. I hope it's Car Ramrod! Eddie wryly asks if Locke robbed a bank. "'Fraid so," says Locke, smiling.

The trooper strolls up to the driver's side door, where Locke's got his license and registration ready to go. He asks if he was speeding. "Taillight's out," says the trooper tersely. He glances at Locke's documentation and asks them both to step out of the car. They do so. The trooper nods toward the duffel bag in the back of the truck and asks what he's got in there. "Guns and groceries," says Locke. Eddie manages not to look too startled. The trooper throws the tarp off, and Locke wasn't lying. In fact, there're more guns than groceries. Come to that, I don't see any groceries. But there are rifles and handguns aplenty. But before the trooper can draw his weapon and start shooting, Locke assures him all the transaction logs and the paperwork are in the red notebook. The trooper takes it out and gives it a cursory glance, and Locke asks if they're free to go. "I could still take you in for picking up a hitchhiker," says Officer Hardass, and Eddie lies and says Locke's his uncle, and that he called him to pick him up. I have a hard time believing the trooper accepts this, what with the brutal "Huh?" face Locke's got on. Or maybe the trooper just figured it wouldn't be worth his effort. Or, given what happens later, perhaps this whole traffic stop was staged to give Eddie some credibility. "Get out of here," he snaps, and gets back in his patrol car. Locke closes the duffel bag back up. "So what is with all the guns, 'uncle'?" asks Eddie. Locke just smiles. If I'm Eddie, I think this is about when I'd say, "You know what? Here's good. Thanks a lot for the lift, Locke."

Back on Craphole Island, Locke is mixing something with a mortar and pestle, while Charlie checks out the makeshift steam lodge that Locke erected rather quickly and makes sarcastic comments. Then Charlie notices what Locke's doing. "What's that? You're not taking drugs, are you, John? I only ask because of the strict zero-tolerance policy you've enacted. And I wouldn't want you to have to start punching yourself in the face." Locke grabs his pad, but strangely enough doesn't write "SHUT UP, CHARLIE" on it. He just shows Charlie the page on which he's written, "I need U 2 stand guard." Charlie says he knows he's gotta keep Locke from devolving into a monkey. Locke writes down "Don't come in" and Charlie says "okay," and Locke slashes a line underneath it to make sure.

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