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The drugs are working

With the fire going in the lodge, Locke takes a couple fingers' worth of his druggy paste -- the same stuff he rubbed on Boone's head? -- and then pours some water on the hot rocks 'round the fire and over his head. Then he sits, Charlie standing guard outside. Locke stares into the flames, and we wait.

Suddenly, a hand grabs Locke's shoulder. He turns to his right. Sitting there is Boone, so either we're going to have Lost's most implausible plot twist yet, or this is a dream sequence. Neither possibility really gets my toes a-tappin'. Boone looks good. His hair's long, he's shaved -- he looks even prettier than he used to! He says hello. "It's good to see you again," he says. Locke's vision quest may have brought Boone back to life, but it hasn't brought his voice back, so he points to his lips and mouths the words "I'm sorry." Boone says it's okay: "I was the sacrifice the island demanded," he says. Locke shakes his head, and starts to "speak" again, but Boone tells him not to worry about it: "You'll speak when you have something worth saying." That's a rule I'd like to see instituted at my office, damn. The silence would be beautiful. Boone says he's going to help Locke find his way again, so he can "bring the family back together." Boone says he wants to show Locke something, and he starts to get up, but Locke can't stand up. He grasps at his ankles, to no avail. He looks beseechingly at Boone, who says, "Locke, you're gonna need that," and nods over towards Locke's wheelchair on the other side of the sweatlodge (incidentally, this thing looks a lot bigger on the inside than it does on the outside), its wheels spinning and squeaking.

And now's when things start to get a little trippy, with quick cuts and ghostly effects. Locke's wheelchair rights itself, while Locke looks around fearfully. Suddenly, we're in the Sydney airport, with Boone pushing Locke in the wheelchair. Awesomely, at least for comedy purposes, Locke is still shirtless. "John, someone in this airport is in serious danger. You're the only one who can save them." We see Charlie and Claire and Aaron standing together, laughing together like a happy family. Locke points at them. "Not them, they'll be fine. For a while," says Boone.

Okay, how about Sun and Jin, over there? Locke points again, but we see Sayid behind them. "I think Sayid's got it," says Boone. And there's Hurley, working the Oceanic check-in counter, entering the numbers into the computer. We even hear the shuffling of the bunker's counter. "Not Hurley," says Boone. Locke looks elsewhere. In the role of the pilot: Desmond, coming down an escalator, trailed by a bevy of smiling stewardesses. "Forget it. He's helping himself," says Boone wryly.

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