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The drugs are working

Over to a window, where Locke can watch the security screening. Standing in line are Kate, Jack, and Sawyer. Locke silently freaks out when he sees that the security officer is Ben (Locke still knows him as Henry Gale), waving the metal-detector wand over their bodies. "There's nothing you can do for them. Not yet," says Boone. "First you have to clean up your own mess." The "clean up your own mess" reverberates over and over again, as Locke gets more frantic. And Boone disappears, and the fantasy airport is empty. Locke looks around and finally spots him at the top of the escalators. "Come up here, John," calls Boone.

Locke apparently manages to hoist himself onto the escalator, sans wheelchair, and has to crawl when he gets to the top -- only now he's covered in blood. He sees Eko's Bible Thumper and reaches for it. Boone's now also soaked in blood. "Clean it up, John. They've got him. You don't have much time," he says. Locke snaps back to reality back in the sweat lodge. At least, it seems like reality, but we get a quick flash of a snarling bear, and John pitches out of the sweat lodge, surprising Charlie. "John, what happened? Are you all right?" Locke stares at the lodge for a moment, then gets to his feet, and grabs his knife, drawing it from its scabbard. Understandably, Charlie's a little nervous about this, and asks what he's doing. "I'm going to save Mistereko's life," says Locke. Locke needed a sweat lodge and a drug trip to tell him to go look for Eko? Thanks, sweat lodge! I'm sure Eko appreciates it.

Locke makes his way through the jungle, Charlie following a short distance behind. Something off to the side catches Locke's eye. It's Eko's crucifix, hanging on the bushes. "He was dragged this way," says Locke. Charlie asks, "By what?" "By a polar bear," says Locke. A surprised Charlie says Sawyer killed the polar bear. "He killed a polar bear," says Locke, and I guess in this case Sawyer wasn't able to wipe out an entire island population by killing one animal.

They keep walking, until Locke crouches by a dark spot on the leaves covering the jungle ground. He pokes it with a finger. Fresh blood. "I'm going to go on alone, Charlie. You go back to Claire." Charlie says he'll take his chances, but Locke says Charlie doesn't want to go with him: "Bad things happen to people who hang around with me." Hey, yeah! Charlie, go with him! Hang out with him all day long!

Locke and Eddie drive down a dirt road in the countryside, up to a metal gate (with a "Warning: No Trespassing" sign on it), which a young boy swings open. "Hey, Bobby," says Locke, smiling and handing him a bag of candy as they drive through. The dirt road's flanked by peach trees, and there are people with baskets picking them.

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