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Locke stops his truck next to a blanket-covered dome, smoke coming from the entrance. It looks much like the sweat lodge he's built on Craphole Island. Eddie asks what it is, and Locke tells him, but Eddie's never heard tell of a sweat lodge before. ["Okay, has nobody on this show seen 90210 before??" -- Joe R] "Anybody who wants can go in there, light a fire, get it nice and hot, meditate." Or hotbox. "Then what?" asks Eddie. "And then you're supposed to figure out what to do with your life. You know, what direction to take." Then he suggests Eddie go in and figure out if he's a farmer or a hunter. Eddie asks which one Locke is, and Locke just smiles, knowing that he will apparently have a new occupation every single time he gets a flashback episode.

Suppertime at the big picnic table. Looks like we got ourselves a genuine commune. Locke introduces Eddie to the couple at the head of the table -- although I'm sure their position at the head of the table is pure coincidence and not an unconscious attempt to introduce class dynamics into this society of equals -- who are named Mike and Jan: "He's looking for some logging work, but I convinced him to come home and have some supper with us first." Mike, Jan, and Eddie exchange pleasantries, with Jan saying, "Any friend of John's is a friend of ours," and Mike saying, "John's a very special guy," which comes out just the littlest bit creepy. Locke and Eddie sit down, and Mike notices Eddie's shirt, which looks like an old-school rock T with the coloured arms, and a made-up band named "Geronimo Jackson" on it, and I guess this is an inside reference to the Lost online game, or the Lost bottle-cap clue hunt, or the Lost book club, or the Lost toys for guns program, or whatever else the fuck is using up producers' energies other than just working on the SHOW, and there's some small talk about that.

And then Mike stands up to introduce Eddie to the group, and everyone says hi, and Eddie says it's nice to meet them, and also that he's not a narc or anything.

Mike invites Locke to say grace, and Locke stands up and gives a really long-winded prayer thanking God for food and friends, and rain, so some guy named Adam will stop grumbling about drought, and everybody laughs, and Adam looks really angry about it, like NICE HIPPIE, and then he thanks God for helping him stop being so angry. "And for helping me find a real family. Because they're a hell of a lot better than the one I used to have. So, let's eat. Amen." I understand he's grateful, but it doesn't take much to be better than "crazy child abandoner" and "drunk kidney-stealing douchebag," so the commune folk (communists?) shouldn't start patting each other on the back just yet. They all start chowing down, and Eddie catches Locke's eye to give him a couple of pointed thank-yous. Cry about it, why don't you?

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