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Back in the jungle, Charlie and Locke come upon a huge hole in the ground, full of rubble. "Is that the hatch?" asks Charlie. "What's left of it," says Locke. "Looks like it imploded," he adds, miming with his hands the inward force of an implosion. They keep walking.

Dialogue that was cut from this scene: Charlie saying, "'Implosion'? How does an implosion send the hatch door flying all the way to the beach? I was almost killed!" And then Locke doesn't answer with, "Yeah, but I'm assuming the result of an implosion is easier to do, set design-wise, than the explosion that was implied in last season's finale." And then Charlie asks how an implosion knocked Locke and Eko (and presumably Desmond) so far away, and Locke doesn't answer, and then Terry O'Quinn beaks off about the show for a magazine article.

Then they come upon a dead boar, bloody gash in its side. Charlie's all freaked out and Locke, looking all around, has to shush him: "It's an active kill, meaning that whatever was eating this is going to back for more." Charlie gripes, "If you want to say 'polar bear' you can just say it." Heh. Locke finds a tuft of white decidedly NON-POLAR BEARISH fur. "All right, polar bear," he says.

There's a growling nearby, and Locke and Charlie look at each other fearfully. "Run!" yells Locke. They take off through the bushes, and we see quick flashes of the fake-o polar bear snarling and running too, and then -- nothing. They come into a clearing, and nothing's chasing them. Well, that was easy! Or was it? There's a rustling in the bushes. Locke takes his knife out, and whips it towards the rustling, which sounds and looks nothing at all like an enraged polar bear. There's a thunk, and we hear Hurley cry out. Charlie and Locke step forward and pull the branches aside, and sure enough, there's Hugo -- with Locke's knife buried in the canteen he's holding, from which he apparently he was just drinking. Do I even need to tell you what word Hurley says just before we go to commercial? If so, how are you enjoying the first episode of Lost you've ever watched?

Hurley's walking with Charlie and Locke, filling them in on what happened with Others: "They kept Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. And they sent me back to tell everyone else that we can't ever go over there. Oh, and that dude we had in the hatch, Henry? He was there. He's, like, their leader." Locke stops for a moment and says, "Now, Hurley, is he their leader or is he like their leader?" No, actually, he just looks around; he's not really paying much attention to Hurley, who asks what they should do. "Do what they told you: go back to the camp and tell the others," says Locke. "You're not going to do anything?" asks Hurley, and Locke tells him he is doing something. Hurley asks where they're going. "The island told Locke he has to save Eko," says Charlie, all dismissively, and all I have to say is however Locke got the idea, it's not the worst idea in the world to try to find out if the other people in the hatch got out. And furthermore, Charlie, if you're going to be a dick about it, why are you even coming? "Save him from what?" asks Hurley, because this is the first Hurley's heard about this island being dangerous at all, and Charlie says, "Well, apparently, a bear's got him. It's just made an active kill. You may want to hustle." Charlie and Locke continue on, while Hurley stops and plaintively says, "Bear? What bear?"

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