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Locke finds another tuft of cotton -- I mean, polar bear fur, so I guess they're looking for the bear with male pattern baldness. "This way," says Locke, and then Charlie tells a story of getting high and watching nature programs on "the Beeb," and says that polar bears are meant to be quite clever: "They're like the Einsteins of the bear community." I guess that would be how they figured out to adapt to such a completely alien environment like Craphole Island, hmm? Note also that Locke has completely given up on responding to anything Charlie says.

Flashback to Locke and Eddie at the commune, getting ready to do some work. A woman walks by them -- we don't see what she looks like, but she's awfully nice to watch from behind -- and Eddie and Locke start poking each other about how she likes Locke, and Locke says she's half his age, and they keep going on like this, and maybe Eddie should just pull her hair and shove her in a puddle at recess and have done with it. "Lizzie's too granola for me," says Eddie. "What she really wants is a daddy. Like everyone else here. You should take advantage of that." What Locke should do is just turn a hose on Eddie. He does say, "That's not really funny, Eddie," and Eddie apologizes, saying it was a joke. Locke knows it was a joke. He just said it wasn't funny. They grab some baskets and head out to pick some peaches.

On their way to the orchard, Eddie asks Locke why he never talks about his dad. "Nothing worth talking about," says Locke, effectively ending the conversation. Eddie looks around the commune, and we see a huge greenhouse, with people unloading fertilizer outside of it. One of the hippies drops a bag. Eddie says, "What's going on in that greenhouse over there? Maybe they need a hand with that fertilizer." Locke hurriedly says no, and tells them they've got orchard duty.

Cut to Locke and Eddie with full baskets. Eddie asks what the big secret about the greenhouse is: "What have you guys got in there? What are you hiding? Because every time I go near it, you and just about everyone else acts all weird." Locke reminds Eddie that he's a guest here, and these things take time. Eddie complains that he's been here for six weeks: "I'm not blind, man. Did you forget you had a duffel bag full of guns when you brought me here?" Locke gives Eddie some grief about Mike and Jan welcoming him, and feeding him, and giving him a place to stay. "And Mike and Jan fold their hands every night before chow and talk about how we're family. But your family's got too many secrets," says Eddie, who adds that sees the fertilizer going into the greenhouse, he knows what's going on, and he wants in. "In on what?" asks Locke, failing to add, "... narc?" Eddie says, "Whatever you guys are trying to blow up." Locke bursts out laughing, and Eddie asks what's so funny. Locke doesn't answer this, but says he'll talk to Mike and Jan. And my first thought, when Locke was driving into the commune with a duffel bag full of guns, was that Locke had fallen in with some kind of militia group. But really, after seeing that it's a commune, is it really that hard to figure out what's going on in the greenhouse? Eddie's look of confusion is a little naïve for someone purportedly willing to throw in with some kind of bombing plot.

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