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Back in front of the polar bear cave, Locke's getting ready to go in, while Charlie stands there staring inside. "You really think Eko's in there?" he says. Locke doesn't say anything. Charlie: "Let's hurry up and do this. Maybe the bear's out finishing his lunch." Locke says Charlie's not going in there, and they have an argument about it, with Charlie all, essentially, "You're not the boss of me!" and Locke pulling out his mystical nonsense about how he's "supposed" to go in there, while Charlie isn't. Because when going to try to rescue a big guy like Eko, it'd sure be stupid to have someone else along, Locke. But Charlie acquiesces, and says, "If it all goes to plan, we probably won't even see the bear, will we?" Locke's been rubbing mud on his arms and face, and says, "And hopefully he won't smell us." He pulls out a can of hairspray. Charlie says, "Hairspray? Now, I hate to be the one to point this out to you... " and Locke says it isn't for him, and they grin at each other.

Locke goes to the cave entrance, and ignites his torch with a lighter. He draws his knife. Charlie watches, the look on his face clearly saying, "God, I'm a pussy." Not that Locke doesn't look apprehensive. But he slowly makes his way into the cave anyway.

Hurley's making his way through the bushes, when he hears a rustling. "Bear? Is that you?" Hurley, you're starting to wear me out. From the bushes, we hear, "You alone, brothah?" Does Hurley not realize this is Desmond? Because, from the way he answers, it kind of sounds like he's worried that the bear wants to know if he's alone.

Desmond pops up from the bushes, and Hurley reacts to his nakedness like you might react to seeing your mom naked. Desmond says the beach camp's right over there, and he asks Hurley to get him some clothes. "What happened to yours?" Desmond takes a long while to answer, and then says, "I woke up in the jungle like this." "So, like, the hatch blew off your underwear?" Well, sucked it off in the "implosion," anyway. But Desmond's getting a little annoyed; he takes a step towards Hurley and spreads his arms: "Fine, you want to discuss this in great detail right now? Let's do it." And up until a moment ago, his hands had been covering up his junk, and now they're not, so you can imagine how much this pleases Hurley, who frantically pulls a shirt from his backpack. "How do you feel about tie-dye?" he says, offering it to Desmond.

Locke carefully makes his way through the bear cave, taking great care not to disturb the dank. As he makes his way, he accidentally kicks something on the ground that makes a metallic clank. He crouches, picks up a metal toy dump truck. It's dirty and banged up. Locke frowns. Not so Tonka tough now, is it?

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