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Desmond has a flashback about Charlie. Again. Then, a lone boy hurriedly pulls at a pile of branches and palm fronds revealing an outrigger hidden below. He pulls the canoe out of its hiding place, tugs it into the water, and jumps in. He begins to paddle furiously.

Jack and Juliet are leading all the Losties on a nature walk through the jungle and out into the meadows in the center of the Island. Charlie brings up the end of the group and, in true back-of-the-bus rapscallion style, starts smartassing. He wants to lay bets on what Jack is going to show them out in the middle of nowhere. Hurley opines that it is "Stuff. Probably secret stuff." Secret Stuff that they mailed away for once they had all five box tops from their Dharma Initiative Brand Oat Rings? Charlie wants to know why everything has to be a secret. Can't they try some openness for a change? Hurley scoffs and notes that they kept the parachute lady secret. Charlie claims it's different. Claire laughs, "How?" And Charlie tries to explain that it's different because they were out there playing football or something but no one is listening and they all walk off except Desmond who has a queer look on his face. Charlie asks him what's up, but Desmond denies anything. Charlie knows that look, though. He knows that Desmond had another flash about him. Desmond denies it and walks off, and Charlie stares after him in disbelief. Further discussion is cut off when Jack announces that they are there. He gathers the troops around and begins his entry in the Art of Communication competition. He explains that a few days ago Juliet came to him and told him what Ben was making her do. That she had been planted there to find out which of "our women" were pregnant. At the phrase "our women," Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, and Shulamith Firestone tear out of the jungle, tackle Jack, and drag him off into the woods. He returns a moment later with a swollen mouth, torn shirt, and a whole new outlook on the role of women in society. Kate turns on Juliet and demands to know if she was testing them. Juliet says no, but she was supposed to be testing them. How exactly do you surreptitiously test someone for pregnancy? Do you just ask them to pee on a stick like it ain't no thing? Or do you sneak up behind them while they are mid-stream so to speak, whistle "Oh don't mind me," and just go for it? Well, we will never know because Juliet was not fulfilling Ben's request. Instead she was leaving him tapes and reporting on Sun. She confirms what they already know: Ben and the Others are planning on coming tomorrow to collect the pregnant women. Juliet turns to Sun and apologizes for deceiving her. Sun stares at her coolly, but says nothing.

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