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Hurley breathlessly runs up to Charlie and Desmond. He yells, "Dude, wait! I just heard what you're doing and I want to help. Everyone else is hiking up to the radio tower and I'm sick of trekking. And explosions. I'm a really good paddler, though." Charlie looks touched, but says that Hurley can't go. When Hurley asks why, Charlie struggles for a reason and ends up saying Hurley can't go because he is too big and won't fit in the boat. Hurley looks really hurt, turns to walk back up the beach, and says, "That's not cool man." Charlie is sorry about hurting his friend's feelings and runs after him and gives him a big old bear hug. Hurley says he didn't want to go on the stupid boat anyway. Charlie says he'll catch up with him later but he shouldn't forget that he loves him. Hurley walks off and Charlie turns back to the boat. Desmond asks if he's ready and Charlie nods. Can I just mention that Desmond is totally misusing his Jesus-like looks? He makes everything seem so righteous and holy that no one can possibly say no. They just nod, smile, and say "thank you, Lord." I'm totally growing long hair and a beard and heading to Vegas.

Jack is running around, making sure everyone has water for their hike when Kate shows up to make awkward small talk, "Here we go again, huh?" Jack uncomfortably smiles and agrees, "Here we go again." Before things get even more awkward, Juliet comes up and Jack asks her if Sayid found the third shooter. Juliet turns and points at Jin who is helping Sun pack the bags. Hurley has returned to camp and asks Claire if she needs any help with Aaron, but she turns him down. She picks up Aaron and tells him they are just going on a little walk and he should hold onto Momma. As Hurley walks away in disappointment, the camera pans down to reveal Charlie's beloved family heirloom lying in Aaron's recently abandoned crib. Aw, he left it for his family and forgot to tell them. As the Losties begin their trek to the tower, we see that Vincent is there! And he's on a leash! Considering how the Others treat animals, it's a good thing they're taking the dog.

Charlie and Desmond have found the cable that connects the Looking Glass station to the Island. In their canoe, they follow it out to the middle of the ocean. The camera is shooting the canoe from underwater and it looks exactly like one of those shots from a nature show that is supposed to reveal how a shark can easily mistake a canoe for the shark equivalent of a bucket of extra-crispy chicken. I keep expecting a Great White to bust out of the water and eat Desmond, but it doesn't happen. Instead we flash to another of Charlie's favorite moments. It's the evening after the plane crash and he's walking around the wreckage and the campfires and when he sees Claire he stops and stares. She is wildly pregnant, wearing a miniskirt and combat boots, and he can't help but to walk up to her. He offers her his blanket because she is warming for two. She giggles at that and he settles down next to her. He asks if it's her first plane crash. She laughs again and asks what gave it away. He says he can always spot a newbie. He cheers her up and tells her everything will be okay. He says they are on a beautiful island, they will sleep under the stars, and then the helicopters come and will take them away. She asks, "Do you really think they will come?" He replies, "Yeah. Why wouldn't they?" She smiles. He introduces himself and they smile at each other. On the boat in the middle of the ocean, Charlie adds "The night I met you" to the list. Aw cute!

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