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Just then, Desmond announces that they are there. Charlie folds up the list and asks Desmond to give the list to Claire. He describes it as the five best moments of his sorry excuse for a life. They're all he's got. Desmond looks really sad, leans forward in the boat and tells Charlie he doesn't have to do it. Charlie shakes his head in disbelief, but Desmond continues, "Maybe I keep seeing you die because I'm supposed to take your place." Charlie sadly shakes his head again, "What about your girl? Penny?" Desmond laughs, "What about your girl? Besides I might be luckier than you." Charlie shakes his head no. Desmond gives Charlie the list back and tells him, "Keep your memories to yourself. I'll take it from here." Desmond unties his shoes and prepares to jump in the water in Charlie's place. Charlie doesn't know what to say, but he knows what to do! He knocks Desmond senseless with an oar. As Desmond lies unconscious in the boat it totally looks like one of the apostles had an episode and knocked the crap out of Jesus. Not that Jesus had any crap in him. Er, right? Charlie pulls Desmond into the canoe and tucks the list into Desmond's pocket. He says that they both know that Desmond is not supposed to take his place. He grabs the weights, takes a few deep breaths, tears up a little, and dives off the boat.

Underwater Charlie sees the Looking Glass station below him. It looks just like the underwater alien world in that movie The Abyss. As the weights help him down, he struggles to find the entrance before his breath gives out. He makes it just in time and finds the loading dock of the Looking Glass station. The station is not flooded, and as Charlie pokes his head into the station he finds that there is plenty of air to breathe. He pulls himself up a ladder onto a deck and loudly rejoices the fact that he is still alive. Just then he is surrounded by gun toting uniform-clad Amazonian types who have no qualms about shooting at him. Whoa. That is definitely not Gloria Steinem.

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