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Charlie is all wet. He is outside of a van full of wankers trying to fix a flat tire in the pouring rain. I know they're wankers because they are still inside the van while letting wee little Charlie do all the work. As the camera pulls back, we see that he has his wanker brother, Liam, with him. Charlie is irritated and completely soaked and can't figure out why they are bothering. Nothing like fixing a flat to bring on an existential crisis! Liam tries to rally his spirits by pointing out that they are headlining. Charlie tries to further his crise by pointing out that they are playing in fill-in-the-blank crap English town. Liam says they are building their fan base, but Charlie can't help but note that a fan base won't buy them a new tire. Liam tells him not to give up and Charlie announces that he quits because there is nothing to give up. Then there is something to give up, because their song is playing on the radio. Liam picks Charlie up and swings him around while Charlie shouts, "Take back! Take back! I totally didn't quit!" On the beach Charlie writes "#5: The first time I heard myself on the radio" on a piece of paper. Just in case you were wondering, he is writing with a Sharpie, so don't worry, even after being on a desert island for three months, he has not lost his punk rock edginess and settled for pencil or, shudder, ballpoint. He has standards. Naomi interrupts his list writing. She wants to know whom they are going to war with, which seems reasonable enough. Charlie says, "It's complicated." I stab myself in the eye with a Sharpie while Charlie tells Naomi she can ask something else. She stares at him and asks if he's having a laugh; he smiles and says he would never kid anyone from Manchester. She can't believe he's from there, and he smiles and says he is and that his band got its start at the Night and Day bar there. She wants to know what band, cough starfucker cough. He says he was in Driveshaft and Naomi says she totally knows them and asks if she can sell their t-shirts on their next tour and does he want a back rub? Charlie giggles and says, "Yeah we had our moment in the sun." Naomi then exclaims, "You're the dead rock star! They made a huge deal out of it when you crashed." Charlie keeps giggling while Naomi continues about the memorial service and the new Greatest Hits album. Desmond watches Charlie with Naomi and Charlie catches him staring at him with that humbly concerned sweet Jesus look on his face. Impending death totally ruins the mood, and Charlie starts to look despondent. Naomi catches the look and adds, "Look on the bright side, you're not really dead are you?" Actually, Naomi, it's complicated.

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