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Juliet is carefully lowering a stick of dynamite onto a stack. She is holding her breath until the stick is in place. Just when we think she's going to go Arzt, she drops it and takes a deep breath. Rousseau says that they need more wire in order to ignite the dynamite from a safe distance. Jack says he'll get people to start stripping the plane wreckage. They haven't stripped that thing and boiled the bones yet? Huh. Rousseau says that she will keep working so that they will be all ready for tomorrow night. As he leaves the tent, Sayid waylays him saying that they need to talk about Naomi's phone. He knows Jack is mad, and Sayid is all prepared to make sincere apologies later, but he needs to talk. Jack tries to brush him off saying he is busy, but Sayid won't take no for an answer and angrily shouts that he is trying to get them off the Island. Jack stops and turns towards Sayid. Rousseau and Juliet come join the conversation as Sayid explains that Danielle's distress signal is blocking the use of Naomi's phone. Rousseau tries to control a smirk and says, "My signal has been playing for the last sixteen years and no one has heard it. Why would they hear yours?" Sayid points out that Naomi's boat is only 80 miles offshore so if Rousseau will just tell him where the radio tower is he will hike up there and fix the problem. Juliet interjects to say that it won't work because Ben is using one of the Dharma stations to block all signals off the Island except theirs. Sayid wants to know what station, but Juliet only knows it's called the Looking Glass and that it is somewhere underwater. Sayid thinks he might know where.

Claire and Charlie are in her tent while she is wrapping Aaron. Claire is telling Charlie that she knows that supposedly the Others are coming for the pregnant women, but what if really they are coming for Aaron again? Way to make it all about you, Claire! Charlie is taking this narcissistic rant seriously. He sits up straight in the cot, turns to Claire, stares her in the face, and says, "I'm going to protect you. I'm going to protect Aaron. Everything is going to be fine." Claire looks vaguely reassured although I'm sure she'd believe it more if someone like Sayid were saying it. Seriously, who would you want as your protector? An ex Iraqi military bad ass or a midget junkie? Desmond interrupts and asks Charlie to give him a hand. Charlie agrees, gives Claire's shoulder a firm squeeze, and leaves with Desmond. As they walk down the beach Charlie asks if Desmond is ready to tell him what sort of imminent doom he saw this morning? Desmond is playing coy, though, and Charlie has to pester him to tell him what happens this time. C'mon, Des, stop playing games, tell Charlie what you saw. You know you want to since you pulled him out of the damn tent two seconds ago. Just tell him already! Desmond finally has been cajoled enough and spills, "What I saw, Charlie, was Claire and her baby getting in a helicopter. A helicopter that lifts off and leaves this Island." Charlie can't believe it, but Desmond assures him that is what he saw. Charlie is completely relieved, because he thought Desmond was going to tell him he was going to die again. Desmond smiles beatifically and says, "You are." Charlie spit takes, "What?" Desmond explains, "If you don't, none of that will happen. There won't be any rescue. I'm sorry, but this time you have to die."

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