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In the '70s, in England, a young Charlie is standing on the side of a public swimming pool refusing to jump in. I am totally with you, kiddo, those things are one step above petrie dishes. A man who is putatively Charlie's father is trying to talk him into jumping. "C'mon Charlie, jump in. I'll catch you, boy, I promise." Charlie refuses and his dad tries again, "Charlie, don't be daft, I'm going to catch you." An older boy jumps around in the pool and shouts, "No he won't." In a brilliant display of fathering, the dad shoves the kid underwater and yells, "Zip it you!" He then turns back to Charlie, "Don't listen to your brother. There is nothing to be afraid of. I'll catch you I promise." Charlie shuffles to the edge and jumps in. His dad doesn't catch him so much as let him fall into the pool and pull him up before he drowns. Charlie is very excited by this and his shouts, "I did it!" On the Island, he adds the moment to the list of magical life events. Desmond (who Charlie insists on palling around with because harbingers of doom make great drinking buddies) is sitting right next to him and asks him what he is writing down. Charlie won't say but instead asks about the moment of his death. Desmond gives him the deets: he's in a hatch, there's a blinking yellow light, he throws a switch, light goes off, and then he drowns. Charlie nods his head and asks when, but Desmond doesn't know. Charlie asks, "You sure you saw Claire and Aaron get on that helicopter?" Desmond nods. Charlie continues, "So before I drown, I just have to flip a switch?" Desmond says that's right. Charlie looks thoughtful, and then asks, "So, where is it then?"

Sayid, Jack, and Juliet are on the beach deciding how to get to the Looking Glass hatch. Sayid helpfully (albeit somewhat inexplicably) has the blueprints for the Looking Glass station. I'm not asking how, I'm just accepting it. He explains that the Looking Glass is an underwater Dharma station where people ride seahorses and jellyfish are their friends. He turns to Juliet and asks her to please tell him anything she knows that might help, but Juliet doesn't know anything because she never went there and she doesn't know anyone who did. She's not sure why, but Ben said there was an accident and a station was entirely flooded. Jack doesn't understand how it is still operable if it is sunken, but Sayid (being a genius!) points out that how it is still working doesn't matter, since they actually want it to not work. Sayid points at the blueprints that show how the station is connected to the Island. He is sure this is the same cable that runs down the beach. He shows Jack how there is a docking station on the bottom of the hatch for a submarine. He can swim down there, enter the station, and even if it is flooded, he can find the switch and flip it. Jack stops him, "How about swimming back out?" Sayid has been working with Desmond to master the beatific facial expression. He glows his self-sacrifice at Jack, but Jack won't hear it, "I'm not letting you go on some suicide mission just to flip a switch." Sayid argues that without that flip of a switch they will never get off the Island. Just then, Charlie and Desmond barge into the meeting and Charlie volunteers for duty. "Swim down, flip a switch, swim back up, piece of cake," but Jack brushes him off, "You don't even know what we're talking about, Charlie." Charlie won't take no for an answer so he snaps, "I was junior swim champion of Northern England, Jack. I can hold my breath for four and a half minutes. I know exactly what you're talking about." Charlie finishes his speech and glances sidelong at Desmond. Jack says no. He doesn't see any point in discussing this right now when they should all be focusing on blowing up the Others! Sayid argues that they have a chance to be rescued, but Jack whips out his high horse and proclaims, "For ninety days I've been asked to make decisions for this camp. There you go. I just made one." Charlie and Desmond swap glances and try to decide what to do now. And, no, I don't know how Jack keeps a high horse in his pocket. Unless his pocket is a magic box?

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