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Some unrecognizable Losties carry part of the airplane wreckage towards the beach. Oh my god, it is Rose and Bernard. They're alive! And arguing about knot-tying! Bernard is instructing Rose that she is making a sailor's hitch when she should be making a sheep's hitch like his. Rose rolls her eyes, "So you're a knot expert now?" She then reaches for his knot and unties it in a millisecond, crushing his ego as collateral damage. She then adds insult to injury by revealing that her knot is holding tight. That's some marriage, guys! Too bad Libby died before she got you two on the couch for some couples counseling. Bernard asks her how she did that and she smiles, "Watch and learn." Speaking of couples counseling, Sun is busily tearing apart wires when Jin turns to her and asks when she is going to tell him. Sun stops what she is doing and looks worried. Jin says that he heard Juliet say their name on the tape and he saw everyone turn to stare at her. So when is she going to tell him they said? Seriously, the man has patience. I would have been jumping up and down and pestering her like a begging Chihuahua until I got answers. Jin asks if it has something to do with the pregnancy. Sun says that she saw their baby. Jin looks concerned, but she tells him that Juliet took her to a medical station and gave her an ultrasound and the baby is healthy. He envelopes her in a huge hug fest.

Hurley is puttering around the tents when he notices a small boat landing on the beach. He sends up the alarm and Sayid leads the team in pursuit of the intruder. As the boater gets out of his outrigger, Sayid tackles him to the ground. Sawyer is right after him and yells at Sayid to get off. Sawyer knows this guy because he was in the cage next to him. Sawyer pulls Carl upright and asks him what he's doing there. Carl yells, "They're coming! My people! They're coming!" Sawyer gracefully refrains from Paul Revere references and apologizes that Carl came all that way to tell them what they already knew. Carl doesn't believe it, "if you know, what are you all still doing here?" Sawyer tries to call him down, "When they come tomorrow, we will be ready for them." Carl stares at them in horror, "No! They are coming tonight!" No one reacts (probably because they couldn't hear him over the Very Dramatic Music) so Carl screams, "They are coming right now!" Geez, kid, no need to shout.

Six hours ago, the Others were happily sitting around camp dismembering animals, as they are wont to do what with being evil and all. Alex is hacking up a bunny or something when her dad, Ben, storms back into camp. He marches right past her when she yells, "Hey!" Ben stops, turns on his heel, and glares at her. She asks when he got back. He says he just got back. She asks where Locke is, and he angrily shoves her gun at her. He leaves her looking stunned and marches off. Richard, a.k.a. Mr. Eyeliner, runs up to Ben and asks what is going on. Ben wants to know where Ryan is, because it is time to get them. Mr. Eyeliner tries to calm him down by offering him a Triple B Special. That's a back rub, a BJ, and a beer, in case you were wondering. He bats his eyelashes, leans in close, and quietly whispers in Ben's ear that they aren't supposed to go until tomorrow. Ben states that Jacob wants it to happen now. Mr. Eyeliner asks after Locke, and Ben says he had an accident. Before Mr. Eyeliner can ask anything else, Ben shoves past him looking for Ryan. He comes up to a tent occupied by an oversized ex-Marine looking dude and asks, "If you leave right now, how long will it take to get there?" Ryan stands up and appears to be wearing full combat gear. He says if he takes his ten best men they should be able to be there by nightfall. Ben tells him to get going. Mr. Eyeliner has brushed off his crushed feelings and followed Ben to Ryan's tent. He points out that if they move up the schedule, Juliet may not be ready. Ben snaps that they should just take all the women, then. They can sort out the ones they need later. Everyone looks a bit shocked by the newer, angrier Ben. Ryan inquires, "And the men?" Ben snarls, "If any of them are stupid enough to get in your way then kill them." Everyone stares at Ben, but they set about doing what he's asked. I'll say it again: That is one bad shrimp.

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