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As soon as she has the chance, Alex sets out running through the jungle. As she approaches her destination she starts yelling for Carl. He comes out of a hiding place, smiles at her, and asks if she brought him his rabbit. Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Alex says he has to go. Now. He asks if Ben found out he was out there. She says no, but that Ben is sending Price to the beach camp right now. He has to warn the Losties. He protests that they were just going to take the pregnant women, which apparently was A-okay in his book. Alex yells that Ben is going to kill them! Since Austen and Ford saved Carl's life he doesn't really have a choice. He has to go. Alex hands him the gun. As he takes it, Carl points out that if he gets caught, her father will kill him. Alex ignores this point and instead asks if he really is her father. Carl shoots her a look that clearly says "I'm risking death and you're questioning your paternity? Seriously?" Alex stops any further looks by wrapping her arms around him and kissing him on the mouth, and since he is a teenage boy this is enough to quell any further questions. She tells him to go and he runs for the canoe. Carl, I have one word for you: Whipped!

Carl stands on the beach surrounded by the Losties. Jack asks if that is the whole story. Carl nods. Jack asks Kate if she trusts him. She shrugs her shoulders and Carl takes great offense. "You don't trust me? Me? What about her?" He wheels around and points at Juliet. "She's a spy! She's supposed to mark the tents of the pregnant women with white rocks so they can take them!" Juliet rolls her eyes, "They know, Carl, but thanks." Oh my god, Juliet was almost funny! The Losties debate about what to do now. Jack paces up and down while Sun suggests that they hide. Bernard says there is no point in hiding because it's Their Island and if they want to kill them they will find them. Ah, that's the positive attitude we're looking for! Glad you're back, Bernard! Jack continues pacing. He asks Rousseau if they have enough wire yet to blow up the tents from a safe distance. She says no, it would be too close. Jack wishes he had some other way to set off the dynamite. Sayid pipes in and suggests that they shoot. Jack points out that they don't have enough guns to fight an armed platoon. Sayid shakes his head and speaks slowly and loudly so even Jack can understand, "We. Shoot. The. Dynamite. Chucklehead." If they shoot the tents they don't have to wire anything else. Just pile up the dynamite in the tents, hide in the trees, and blammo! Jack likes the idea, but Juliet marked three tents and they don't have enough guns. Carl whips the gun out his pocket and all the Losties duck and cover. Carl looks momentarily embarrassed and hands the gun over to Jack saying they can use it. Rousseau volunteers to stay and shoot, too, but Jack can't deal with ladies who are a better shot than him. Out of the corner of his eye he catches sight of Gloria Steinem glaring at him with a lead pipe in her hands. He swallows hard and tells Rousseau they will take her gun, but she will lead everyone to the radio tower. Claire squawks, "Radio tower?" Jack paces up and down shouting out decisions. He decides that if blowing up the Others doesn't work, they can't risk their chance to be rescued by Naomi's boat. He turns to Charlie, "You still up for a swim?" Charlie looks discomfited, but puts on a brave face, "Yeah, I believe I am." Claire shoots him a questioning look, but Charlie is staring into Desmond's limpid brown eyes. Desmond announces that he will go with Charlie.

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