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Punk rock Charlie is sound asleep and curled up in bed with two hot blondes when his brother barges in and jumps into bed with them and announces that Christmas is here. Liam stops, stares at the bed, and asks if those are the birds from Row 2. Charlie nods and smirks and his brother claps him on the back. Liam gestures at Charlie to get out of bed, and Charlie clambers out of bed to reveal that despite the spiffy red highlights he's sporting, he is a total waste of a rock star because he is still wearing clothes despite having just spent the night with two foxy fangirls. Wazzup, loser? I'm sure Gary Glitter would be willing to share some tips. Charlie and Liam sit on the other side of the room. Liam has woken him up to tell him that Father Christmas lives just down the street. Charlie scoffs, "In Helsinki?" Liam vigorously nods and points out that Helsinki is practically the North Pole. Charlie takes a swig of vodka to try and redeem himself as a rock star. It doesn't work. Liam pronounces that, since they are so close to Father Christmas, he has an extra special treat for Charlie this year. Liam takes a ring off his finger that has the initials DS on it. Charlie stops his punk rock fronting and says, "Liam, no. Mum gave you that. You're first born. It was her father's and his father's before that." Liam nods and adds, "It's a family heirloom and it's why we named the band after Dexter bloody Stratton. I know." Liam wants Charlie to have it because he is a mess. Charlie is different though he's going to get married and have a family. Liam thinks he will be lucky if he hits thirty. He needs to know the ring will be safe. It has to stay in the family. Charlie should pass it down to his little ones someday. Charlie says he will hold onto it, but he won't take it. Charlie puts the ring on his middle finger (of course!) and they toast to it. Charlie adds, "The Christmas Liam gave me the Ring" to the list. He is still wearing the ring and he rubs it gently and looks thoughtful. He walks up the beach to Claire who is packing for the hike to the radio tower. He asks if she needs help and she immediately starts whining and asking why he didn't tell her he was going to dive for the hatch. She's worried it will be dangerous. He considers mentioning that she can't nag him until she puts out, but decides instead to reassure her that he will be fine. He makes her promise that while he's gone she won't worry about him. She agrees. Aaron fusses and Charlie takes him and puts him to bed. Aaron gropes him for a while and Charlie tells him to take care of his Mum and that he loves him. He then turns to Claire. He tells her he will see her soon. She asks him to be careful. Then they kiss. On the lips! Ooh la la! They kiss just once (no tongue) and then smile at each other and Charlie walks off to face his destiny. Okay Claire, you can start nagging now!

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