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Sun and Kate are walking through the jungle together, and despite the fact that a lot of time has obviously passed, they're still talking about Sun's heretofore hidden ability to speak and understand English. Kate wants to know if anyone else knows. "Just Mercutio," says Sun, which you'd think would lead to a bunch more questions along that vein, but Kate doesn't go there; she does say, "But not your husband?" And when Sun gets agitated, Kate tells her not to worry, because she can keep a secret. Sun explains that she took English lessons in Korea, but her husband didn't know. Kate's curious why Sun doesn't tell him now. I'm curious why Sun doesn't tell Kate to mind her own damn business; instead, she just says, "Because I love him." This makes as little sense to me as it does to Kate, who starts to question that, and Sun just says, "Have you never lied to a man you've loved?" Kate doesn't say anything, because it really doesn't matter how you end a question to her that begins, "Have you never lied --" because the answer will always be the same.

Back at Jin's Ol' Fishin' Hole, Hurley's laid up on the beach while Jin fiddles with some shells or fish or whatever the hell. "You sure you don't speak English? 'Cause there's a rumour that you do." Jin looks up at briefly and blankly, and goes back to whatever it is that he's doing. Hurley tries a different tack: "You're wife's hot." Again Jin looks up, same blank expression. Then he brings over the shell, which he offers to Hurley, exhorting him to eat it or drink it. "Oh, I get it. This is some kind of payback because I wouldn't eat the urchin the other time?" Like Jin's going to answer. Hurley also tries the maybe-if-I-speak-louder-he'll-understand technique and yells, "I eat this, you'll give me a fish, right?" Jin holds out the urchin. Hurley takes it, steels himself, and sucks it back. Jin, pleased that the strange large man has consumed the offering, smiles to himself. At least until Hurley horks.

Who's next on Jack's rounds? Charlie, who's taking pills to help, I assume, with his heroin withdrawal, which all things considered appears to have gone amazingly well. Charlie's gathering wood, and Jack offers to help. "Seen you around the caves lately," Jack says. Charlie says he needed a change of scenery. Jack asks how things are going. Why, with week two of heroin withdrawal or Claire being kidnapped by the freak who tried to kill me, asks Charlie. "Why, either of those barely remembered plots," says Jack. Actually, Jack just says he gave Charlie the aspirin for the heroin withdrawal, and they share a good laugh, like, how nice Charlie can laugh about Claire's kidnapping now. Must be God's assistance. Change of subject: Jack asks Charlie what he thinks Locke's story is. "He's a freak of nature. Highly disturbed," says Charlie. "Chances are he probably killed all his mates at the post office the day his mum forgot to put a cookie in his lunch tin." Whoa! Shrewd judge of character, Charlie is. Then he adds that that was only his first impression. "Then he saved my life." So you trust him, says Jack. Charlie's all, damn skippy! In fact, if there were one person on the island that Charlie would put his faith in to save them all -- "no offence, mate," he tells Jack -- that person is John Locke. Jack stares, probably trying to figure out a way to get Locke voted off the island before he becomes too much of a threat.

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