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Here's Mercutio, showing up for his one pointless scene of this episode, as Walt and Vincent play in the trees. Mercutio is opening a box, and Hurley limps up all, "Dude, you found your own bag? That's awesome!" and goes on to expound on the joys of using one's own toothbrush again (unless, of course, it's the only thing left in your hotel room, along with your camera, after you've been robbed, right?). Hurley's got a papaya, which Mercutio asks to share, and Hurley's all, be my guest, dude. Hurley complains about stepping on a sea urchin to Mercutio when Jin walks up, and holds out a fish to Hurley. Hurley can hardly believe it, and he looks close to tears. Jin looks to be holding back a smile. Hurley thanks him and Jin walks away, even as Hurley calls out, "Dude, this thing's already been cleaned? Are you kidding me?" Heh. Awww. Jin walks over to Sun, and they talk, and laugh, and smile. Unfortunately, I don't have a Korean friend to translate. All my friends of the Asian persuasion are Chinese, so you'll just have to imagine for yourselves the sexual acts they're discussing right now. Kate watches them (and they seem the happiest they've been together since the crash). She smiles. This is Jack's cue to come in and say, "You look happy." She kind of snorts at the idea of being happy, but can't hide another smile from him, and I would really like to know why they're all smiley and happy with each other after last week. Jack tells her to hold out her hand, and when she hesitates, he promises she'll like it. Jack, dude, I've got a criminal record that says otherwise. She does as told, and he puts something in her hand, and she guesses that they're gross little greyish-yellow things. Close, but you're way off! They're slimy little bluish-black things. Guava seeds! Kate's delighted. "What's a garden without guava?" says Jack, and they laugh, and it's nice that they've resolved their animosity, only it would have been nice if they'd done it on camera.

Boone and Shannon are making their way through the jungle, slowly. "Are you sure we're going in the right direction?" asks Shannon, snottily (as hard as that is to believe). Boone says that if she doesn't want to follow him, she doesn't have to. She says she wouldn't have to if Boone wasn't "best friends" with the psycho who put them out there in the first place. And she interrogates Boone about what he and Locke have been doing out there (Boone doesn't want to tell her, but he does say Locke's the only one with any clue as to what's going on on the island) and she doesn't stop bitching and whining for two seconds. So pretty on the outside, so ugly on the inside. Boone ought to tie her up again and leave her out there. Would anybody be against this? So Shannon finally grabs Boone's arm to ask him why Locke tied them up, and he finally gives in and tells her about the hatch they found. "Like a door?" she says, and Boone says, "Yeah, Shannon, that's what a hatch is," taking the words right out of my mouth. She wants to know where the hatch goes, and Boone admits they don't know, but says it was when Boone told Locke he was going to tell Shannon about it that Locke beaned him and tied them up. Meanwhile, we can all hear the sound of birds flapping their wings as they lift up from the trees, just like they did just before Lostzilla appeared. And in a nifty effect that's scary while still not revealing anything about this metallic monster, two trees behind them uproot in an explosion of dirt and sound, and Boone and Shannon start hauling ass again. Shannon can't run as fast as Boone (probably because whining uses up an awful lot of energy) and we finally get to the scene where her running legs are lifted up into the air. "Shannon!" screams Boone, but he's going to have to wait until after commercials like the rest of us.

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