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Boone's apparently lost the trail of the Iron Giant, as he's making his way through pristine jungle yelling for Shannon. Looks like he's got time for another flashback. At Boone's hotel room in Australia, Shannon shows up, taking off her high heels as she does. Boone's holding an ice pack to his cheek, and he seems less than thrilled to see her. "Bryan took the money. He's gone," she says. Wow. Try to imagine how much sympathy we have for you, Shannon. If you're even telling the truth. "So the player got played. It's poetic, don't you think?" is Boone's response. "I knew you'd bring the money, I knew you would!" yells Shannon, nicely slurring her words without making a big show of it. But she's drunk, and Boone knows it, and she says he brought the money because he's in love with her. "You've always been in love with me," she says. "You've always been a self-centered bitch, and now you're delusional," says Boone. "I've always known it," she retorts, right in his face. "You're sick," he says, and as if to prove that theory, they start making out, with Shannon initiating it. And they kiss for about five hours before falling onto the bed. And we cut right to a shirtless Boone sitting up in the dark. Shannon turns on the light. She's dressed (hair mussed), sitting in a chair. So they definitely did it, right? I mean, as "definite" as this show ever is, right? Shannon says that when they get back to L.A., Boone should just tell his mom that he rescued Shannon like he always does. "And then we'll just go back." "To what?" says Boone. "To what it was." "Like it's all up to you," mutters Boone, and Shannon just tells him to get dressed. You know, if she just did this so Boone wouldn't rat her out, wouldn't it be a good idea for her to continue to be nice to him?

Back on Craphole Island, Boone still hasn't figured out that he's eminently better off without Shannon, and is still searching for her. Hey, there's a trail of red paint -- I mean, "blood" -- along this river! Maybe that'll lead me to her! It does. Lying on some rocks just a little way upstream is Shannon, motionless. Boone runs to her side, and we get a slow pan up her bloody, mangled body. Boone gathers her up and says her name, over and over again. But she's dead. And he hugs her to him, and I spend the next commercial break being impressed by Lost killing off a major character halfway through the season, and get the A-plus ready. Oh, well.

Okay, let's get this Bobby-Ewing-in-the-shower scene over with, shall we? Nightfall. Boone's finally back at Camp Locke (so named because Locke is the only one that we can see). Locke's staring at into space again, not moving. Perhaps he's receiving a transmission from his home planet? Boone charges him, yells, "It killed her!" and attacks him with his knife. They roll around the ground a bit, with Locke remarkably quick for someone who's spent the last few years in a wheelchair. "You made it back," he says mildly. Boone spits that Lostzilla killed his sister. "She died in my arms!" he says. "Why is there no blood on you?" asks Locke. Boone looks himself over, sees Locke's right. "What the hell just happened to me out there?" he says. Maybe the blood washed off in the stream? Boone seems to start questioning what he saw awfully quickly, if you ask me. He gets off Locke, who points out that Shannon is alive and well -- and there she is, over at another fire, flirting with Sayid. I love that Boone came running out of the woods like a wild man, yelled, "It killed her!" and attacked Locke with a knife, and no one stepped in. Way to look out for each other, guys. "She was dead," says Boone. "Is that what it made you see?" asks Locke. Whoa whoa whoa, hold on, says Boone, wanting to know what Locke's talking about. Then he clues in. "That stuff you put on my head. You drugged me." That, to me, is a little more accurate than Locke saying that he gave Boone an "experience" that he believes is vital to Boone's survival on the island. "It wasn't real?" says Boone. Well, Shannon is right there, and ALIVE, so I guess not, genius. "It was only as real as you made it," says Locke. "I saw her. I saw her die," Boone says, looking like he's about two seconds away from completely losing his shit, which would be entirely understandable. Locke, who could stand to give a brother a little more space, wants to know how it made Boone feel to see Shannon died. "I felt...I felt...I felt relieved. I felt relieved." Ding ding ding! That's the correct answer, by the way. Even Locke thinks so: "Time to let go," he says. He gets up, gathers his stuff. "Follow me," he says. Boone looks at Shannon a moment longer, while Locke starts walking into the woods. And Boone follows him.

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