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She holds out her hand, full of what Jack terms "gross, little greyish-yellow things" and she says are actually passion fruit seeds. He wants to know what they're for, and she says she'll show him, and tells him to follow her. He says he hopes that she's found a "coffee bar," like what kind of Starbucks victim sees passion fruit seeds and immediately thinks "coffee"? Nope. What she's found is Sun working a little garden. And despite the fact that it's Sun digging in the dirt right now, Jack wants to know when it was that Kate did all this. She says it was all Sun, and that she just came across the garden the other day when she was out picking fruit. So Jack praises Sun for her work, opting for the overenunciation-and-volume-raising technique of speaking to someone who doesn't speak the language. Sun smiles. She understands Jack, but he doesn't know that, but it's okay because it's pretty clear from his tone and body language that he's pleased. Kate says she's also started a grove, and Jack calls that smart, since the boar's running out and everything. Since Kate's going to find out later this episode that Sun actually speaks English, I wish we could do away with the shots of Sun furtively glancing around while a couple of others speak English with complete (apparent) privacy. Since she does this spazzed-out shifty-eyed thing every time someone speaks English around her, the big surprise is that no one's busted her yet. Kate floats the theory that the boar isn't running out, that maybe Locke has just decided not to catch it anymore. To Jack, that's crazy, but Kate points out that there are a lot of mouths to feed. "If the boar's thinning out [uh, maybe she should make up her mind on whether it is or isn't] then why should he feed everyone else at his own expense?" Jack considers this. He is wise, and he is Jack, and he will come up with the answer somehow.

We're back at the hatch in the ground, where Locke and Boone are having no luck whatsoever getting the thing open. With a homemade mortar and pestle, Locke appears to be mixing something, but when questioned by Boone, just says that it's "for later." Boone's confused, rather reasonably I might add, about what they're actually doing out there, since for two days they've come out here just to stare at the hatch. You guys are just staring at the thing? I'm no expert on hatches or anything, but I may have pinpointed the root of your inability to open the damn thing. And Locke tells this really long story about Michelangelo staring at an 18-foot block of marble for four months. And that statue became David. And now you know the rest of the story. And while I wait for my brain to get over Locke comparing himself to Michelangelo, Boone asks the obvious question. "We're not going to stare at this thing for four months, are we?" Locke laughs in a way that's not especially reassuring to Boone, who asks how they're going to open it. And Locke explains that that's why they're staring at it. Shut up, Locke. Locke asks how one opens something with no handle or latch, "no discernible way of opening it." He asks it like he knows the answer, actually, but is waiting for Boone, God's Friggin' Gift to Humanity, to figure it out.

Instead, Boone flashes back...to a house in Australia, where the door is answered by a rather large, surly man who gives Boone the once-over when he asks for Shannon. Shannon strolls in, putting on earrings, and wants to know what Boone is doing there. And if Boone's there to rescue her, he really probably wants to stay away from sarcastically pointing out that he just spent fifteen hours on a plane, so a nicer welcome would be, um, welcome. Shannon breezily says that now isn't a good time, as she and "Bryan" were just on their way out to meet some friends. Only she brushes her hair back briefly, deliberately long enough to give Boone and us a glimpse of the bruise on her right temple. Boone's eyes flick from her to Bryan. Shannon suggests calling her tomorrow. "Please," she adds, as the music plinks domestic-abusingly along. Finally, Boone says "okay" and leaves, but he looks troubled. He's probably wondering if there's a video store nearby where he can rent Cruel Intentions.

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