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Sayid is deep in the jungle with Rousseau's maps, and he's doing the best he can to make sense of them, using a homemade compass (magnetizing a sewing needle and then setting it in cork and floating it in a bowl of water). A rustling in the bushes startles him, and he leaps to his feet drawing a knife, only to find out that it's just Locke (of course, that's not really a reason to sheathe the knife). Sayid says he didn't hear Locke, and Locke says, "I'm sneakier than I give myself credit for," whatever that's supposed to mean. Locke says he was out hunting, but Boone thought he should "take the afternoon off." The oddness of that statement is nothing, judging by Sayid's face, next to the scary prospect of Boone being solely responsible for bringing home the bacon. "Boone is hunting," he says, incredulously. "The boy's eager to learn," says Locke, shrugging. Sayid asks if Locke thinks Boone will catch anything. "No," says Locke. Were this an old episode of Batman, Locke would be dropping all kinds of hints like, "Actually, Boone is all tied up at the moment!" However, that would seem overly suspicious, wouldn't it? Even more suspicious than the castaways' chief food provider taking the afternoon off on Boone's say-so? Locke asks what Sayid's doing, because it turns out that a dude with a compass looking at a map is a little too confusing for Zen Master Locke. Sayid says he's trying to make sense of Rousseau's maps, but..."there's nothing to make," finishes Locke, and Sayid admits it. Locke then compliments Sayid's homemade compass, saying he hasn't seen one of those since he was a Webelo. Since homosexuals and Iraqis aren't welcome in the Scouts, Sayid has no idea what Locke is talking about, and Locke explains that Webelos are halfway between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and they get badges and stuff. "I wasn't the most popular kid," says Locke, getting, for him, positively sentimental. He seemed to enjoy his Scouts experience more than I did. In Canada, you start out as a Beaver (shut up!) and then "swim up" to Wolf Cubs. Only in Canada's Far North, it's not really a great idea to take kids winter camping when it's forty below outside. So our camping trips consisted of bringing sleeping bags to a gym and staying overnight. And our Cub leader would bring his girlfriend to meetings and spend the whole time making out with her while we all just played dodgeball (called "Kill the Cub" to make it more Cub Scout-y and appealingly violent).

But enough of that. Locke straightens up, and hands Sayid his own (real) compass, saying it might help his cause. "Don't you need this?" asks Sayid. "Not anymore," says Locke, who walks off. And thus, a solid friendship is born.

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