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Boone's sleeping. Guess he hasn't found the proper motivation yet, eh? Well, that's about to change; we hear Shannon yell, "Somebody help me!" And Boone jerks his head up, and says "who is that?" Man. Did Boone's mother have any kids who lived? Then Shannon yells Boone's name, and he recognizes who it is. She's in some kind of distress, and Boone yells for her to come to him, as he's all tied up at the moment! (See how that works?) She yells back that she's tied up too. Well, that's a pickle, isn't it? But it gets worse: the elephant-like roar of Lostzilla is heard nearby. Boone begins struggling even harder to reach the knife in front of him. I'm guessing he found the proper motivation to free himself, which is so he can put on fresh underwear. With Shannon's screams egging him on, Boone grabs for the knife, despite the obviously searing agony it's inflicting in his left arm. He finally grabs it (and it's a big sucker, a Rambo kind of knife), and he quickly cuts the ropes tying him up, and runs toward the sound of Shannon's voice.

He breaks into a clearing, and sees Shannon on the other side, tied standing up to a tree. He pauses momentarily, thinking, "Man, this is so close to and yet so far from what I've always dreamed of," and then runs to her, cutting her loose with Locke's knife. The Iron Giant bellows again, and it sounds like it's getting closer. The two of them take off as fast as their incestuous little legs will take them, and I am unhappy to report that we still have NO CREEDENCE. That's 13 straight episodes without any CCR, which is awful for any show, but for a show that's just made for "Run Through The Jungle," it's nigh on unforgivable.

Boone and Shannon find a tightly enclosed stand of trees, and squeeze into the centre, reasonably figuring that they can't outrun Lostzilla, so they might as well try to hide somewhere out of its reach. They huddle on the ground together as Lostzilla draws closer (we some massive shadows on the trees, and that's all we see). The monster seems to leave, but they don't move. Sure enough, Lostzilla comes roaring back, pounding at the trees and shaking the earth. Man, the longer they go without revealing what this thing actually is, what it looks like, I wonder how it could possibly pay off. Still, this is a tense few minutes of television. (Of course, after the way it all turns out, the next time we have a scene like this it won't seem quite so urgent, will it?) Commercials.

The local ABC news affiliate is running a story about a man surviving being lost in the Everglades. Nice tie-in. What is this, FOX?

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