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Sayid's tracked down Jack, who appears to be just wandering aimlessly around the island, all the better to run into various cast members and advance the plot. Sayid asks him which direction Jack thinks north is, and Jack estimates based on the setting sun. Yeah, that's where north should be, says Sayid, and he takes out the compass Locke just gave him. "Yet that is north," says Sayid, pointing to the right of where they both figure it should be. He says a minor magnetic anomaly could account for two or three degrees' difference, but not such a large variance. Jack blessedly asks him what his point is. "This compass is obviously defective," says Sayid. Again, Jack's not really sure what he's supposed to do with that information, so he asks Sayid where the compass came from. "Locke gave it to me this afternoon," he says. Tattletale! Jack wants to know where Sayid saw Locke; guess Locke is next on Jack's Plot Advancement Walkabout. Sayid says Locke was about a mile east of there. "At least I think it's east," he says, and Jack looks around.

Lostzilla has apparently given up on eating Shannon and Boone, as we don't hear it anywhere. The two of them look through the trees for any signs, and finding none, cautiously make their way out of the trees. Shannon angrily asks what Boone did to Locke to do this to them. "What did you do to that psycho to piss him off?" Yeah, play this like it's Boone's fault, Shannon. That's a good plan. Boone insists he didn't do anything, so Shannon sarcastically asks if Locke just tied them up because he was bored. Like that's really out of the realm of possibility for Locke? She keeps pressing and he interrupts to say that they should just go back to camp.

We flash back to Boone's other recent "rescue" of Shannon, back in Australia. He shows up at her house, and she tellingly seems surprised to see him, saying that he wasn't supposed to come until later. He tells her to get whatever she wants to take from Australia, and they're leaving. She's extremely hesitant, much to his confusion, and things only get worse when Bryan shows up, carrying groceries. "Let's go," Boone tells Shannon, but she doesn't move. "You still don't get this, do you?" says Bryan. Not yet, but as Boone looks at Shannon, who can barely make eye contact, he figures it out. "You set me up. This whole thing was a setup," he says. Shannon says nothing, so Bryan explains that Shannon's only getting what she's owed, since she told him that Boone's mother screwed her over when her father died (considering how she's behaved towards Boone, Bryan might want to consider that Shannon isn't being completely honest with him, Bryan, either, but that's a whole other kettle of fish). Bryan's slagging Boone's mom, but something else dawns on Boone, who turns to Shannon. "This isn't the first time. You've done this before, you little bitch." Bryan, scam artist and mom-insulter, thinks that's not necessary and steps between the two of them, so Boone attacks him, which, considering Bryan's size, must be not unlike attacking Lostzilla. Bryan starts punching him, in wince-inducing cinematography, until Shannon screeches and pulls Bryan off her mark, I mean "stepbrother." Boone, nose bloodied but pretty eyes unblackened, gets up and walks out the door.

Locke's doing his staring at the sea thing when Jack strolls up and asks him if he's seen any ships. "Not yet, but I'm patient." Jack sits down and joins him. "It's been a while since you and I talked, John," says Jack. I suspect Jack's going for "friendly" here, but it kind of comes out like Jack's the boss and he's acknowledging that he hasn't checked in to see how Locke's doing. "Where's Boone?" asks Jack, and Locke says he hasn't seen him all day. Jack says Locke and Boone have been attached at the hip lately, and Locke jokingly checks his hip. "No Boone!" he says, like maybe they could cut John Locke's Def Comedy Jam and get to the point here. "How's the boar-hunting going?" asks Jack, finally cutting through all the small talk. "Between you and me?" says Locke, and Jack says, "Always." Word is bond! Locke says that he thinks the boar are migrating out of the valley, because they're smart animals, and smart animals adapt when a new predator is introduced into the environment. And in case you don't know what predator they're talking about, Jack clarifies that they're the predators.

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