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Ben, The Two Of Us Need Look No More

The Island; Sayid's Cell; 1977: Ben lets Sayid out of his cell and they take off through the jungle while the rest of the Dharma Initiative is preoccupied with the big fire, which is just how wee Ben must have planned. What he lacks in lying, he more than makes up for in strategy. As they run through the verge, Ben falls. As Sayid stops to help him, a Dharma VW Bus comes cruising down the road. Why were they running so close to the road? I know it is night and all, but still. The bus stops and Sayid freezes and shushes Ben. It's Jin! Sayid is so relieved; he walks to the road and calls to him. Jin asks how Sayid got out of his cell and what he's doing there. Sayid says that Sawyer let him out (lie) because they were going to kill him (truth). Just then, a call comes in over Jin's radio, announcing that the prisoner/hostile has escaped. Sayid tells Jin that they don't know Sawyer released him. "Please, Jin. I have to keep moving." Jin says, "Okay, let me talk to him, first." When he calls "LaFleur" on his radio, Sayid flips Jin over and knocks him out. Ben is impressed. "Whoa! Where'd you learn to do that?" As Ben reminds Sayid that they'd better go, Sayid takes Jin's gun. Ben walks off while Sayid continues to crouch over an unconscious Jin. When Ben tries to get Sayid back on task, Sayid says, "You were right about me." Ben's all "What?" because that hasn't happened yet. Sayid adds, "I am a killer." He looks up from Jin, takes aim and fires. At Ben, who takes his sweet time falling to his knees and then flat on his face. Sayid cries into his sleeve, then rises and walks right past Ben's corpse (or you know, on this show "corpse") and the breaks off into a run, into the night, into the darkness. Chicken! DUN!

Okay, so I wasn't really surprised that Sayid "killed" Ben. But it was still a shocking thing to witness a "good guy" murder a child. And what's really shocking to me is how I feel about it. This is a classic case of would you kill Hitler before he rose to power, except Hitler's currently a 12-year-old abused, scared, lonely, motherless child, who looks too much like Harry Potter, so suddenly, I'm all for rehabilitating young Hitler before he becomes, you know, HITLER! And? I'm trying to figure out what happens next. Back in 2007, will Ben's body disappear from the Hydra Island sick bay? Or will he die there? Or will we have two timelines? Or more? Back in 1977, has Sayid actually kicked off the purge? I mean it seems likely Dharma would retaliate for the murder of a little boy, and if and when they do, then it's likely that the Others will strike back. Or will wee Ben even stay dead? Locke didn't, when Ben shot him and tossed in the pit with the rotting purge corpses. How many strings do we have to follow now? Are all these things true at once? While Daniel seemed to mean that changing the past wasn't possible, perhaps Chang meant it wasn't advisable. And I'm back to where I started. Did that just happen? Can it? I mean, really. Where's Daniel with the playbook? We need rules -- borders -- an end zone. Right now, all I know is my head hurts and my nose is bleeding, even though I haven't see a FLASH in ages.

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