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Ben, The Two Of Us Need Look No More

The Island; 1977: Sayid sits in his lonely cell staring at the surveillance camera. Wee Ben enters the Dharma Station, and tells Phil he's got another sandwich for the prisoner, "Chicken salad, this time." Because chicken is fraught with meaning in the life of Sayid Jarrah. Phil says Sayid isn't eating, so wee Ben shouldn't waste his time. Ben really wants to talk to a "hostile" again though, so he says, "But Horace told me to." Phil finally waves him on in. He gives Sayid the sandwich and a book, A Separate Reality, by Carlos Castenada. Could that be a... clue? Ben wants to know if Richard sent him. When Sayid doesn't talk, Ben acknowledges the presence of the camera, but notes that there's no audio. He then tells Sayid that four years ago, he ran away into the jungle and Richard found him. When Ben wanted to leave and join the others, Richard told him he must be patient. Looking at Sayid, he adds, "And if you're patient too, I think I can help you." Dun!

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Moscow; After the Escape-Aways Escaped Away: A man enters an apartment, throws down his bag of groceries, locks the door behind him. He enters a room, closes the door behind him, then another, then another. He locks the last door too, but it's just a chain lock. He opens a wardrobe, but doesn't go to Narnia. Instead, he opens a safe, and I think he's going to live to regret that choice, because Sayid comes in behind him, dressed in black leather and carrying a really big gun. His hair is all straight again, and does that bug anyone else? I can buy that Naveen Andrews might iron his hair from time to time, but not Sayid Jarrah. Oh well, at least he's pretty... deadly. He shoots the poor Russian, even as the guy is throwing stacks of money at him. Okay so I was wrong about him living to regret it, at least for very long. Sayid then exits the building and walks down the street like he's a tourist, simply taking in everything. He meets up with Benjamin Linus, behind a big, ornate iron gate, because the iron curtain is no more. Ben must be confused by all the time jumps that happen on Craphole, because he's wearing a fedora, like he's appearing in vintage film noir, rather than a cracktastic TV drama. Sayid gives Ben the status of his mission -- the victim tried to bribe him, but it didn't work. He wants to know where they're headed next, but Ben tells him he's done. Sayid doesn't understand, but Ben says the threat to his friends is now past, and it's been a pleasure working with, and here's your hat, what's your hurry. There's no one else left in Widmore's organization they need to get. "Andropov was the last one." Sayid protests that he killed all "those people" for Ben, and now Ben's just walking away, but Ben says Sayid didn't do it for him. I had a cat like that, once. She'd bring home the hind end of a squirrel and be like, "I brought the squirrel for you. Enjoy!" Ben says, "You're the one who asked for their names." Sayid looks like a lost, wounded puppy, and it's surprising to me how sickening I find that. I like Action!Sayid. To turn me off even more, he asks Ben, "What do I do, now?" Ben advises him to go live his life. "You're free, Sayid!" And we cut to...

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