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Ben, The Two Of Us Need Look No More

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; 2007: Sayid's got his hair in the pigtail of penitence, as he works for the Habitat for Humanity-like organization. As he bends to pick up some lumber, he feels his Spidey-senses tingling, turns around, and there's Benjamin Linus. Ben tells him Locke is dead. "I think he was murdered." Really? Talk about jumping to conclusions! Sayid wonders why anyone would murder Locke. Ben repLIES: "I'd say it was retribution for the work you and I have been doing." But of course, I'm a professional liar, so you might not want to take that as gospel. Ben tells Sayid he's in danger. If Ben can find him, so can the "people" who killed Locke. And you're looking right at "them"! He also tells him the same people have been watching Hurley at the institution, all week. Sayid doesn't want to play along and wonders why Ben thinks he would. Ben tells him, "You're capable of things that most other men aren't." Truer words, Ben...truer words.... He goes on about all the murdering and torturing Sayid's done and suggests it was less choice and more nature. "You're a killer, Sayid." Sayid says he's not what Ben thinks he is, and that he doesn't like killing. Ben "apologizes" for being "mistaken" about him, and we jump to...

The Island; 1977: Sawyer enters Sayid's cell, while Phil, Radzinsky and a couple of other guys wait in the darkened antechamber. Sawyer tells Sayid it's his last chance to talk, and when Sayid refuses, he zaps him in the nuts with what seems to be a pocket-sized cattle prod. Yow! Sayid crumples to the ground and Sawyer gives the order to the guards to take Sayid to Oldham.

Horace drives Radzinsky, Phil, Sawyer and Sayid out to Oldham's tipi, in a Dharma blue VW bus. Sayid's now cuffed, conscious and singing soprano. Oh wait, that's Oldham's... um... it can't be a radio on Craphole. Perhaps it's a battery operated 8-track. Oh wow, it's a hand-cranked gramophone. When Horace beckons him, Oldham exits the tipi and Sayid asks Sawyer who he is. Sawyer gets to say the title line. "He's our you." Oldham introduces himself: "I'm Larry. This is my brother Darryl; this is my other brother Darryl." Okay, he doesn't, but let's pretend he did. He gets up in Sayid's face, holds up a dropper and a little cup that contains... a sugar cube. He doses the cube with the clear liquid in the dropper and tells the guys to put Sayid in restraints. They strap him to a tree, and Oldham calmly informs Sayid the restraints are to protect Sayid from the side-effects of what he's going to give him. Phil and Radzinsky force Sayid's mouth open and Oldham force feeds him the sugar cube then tells him not to be afraid -- just to turn his mind off, because there's no sense fighting it. "One thing's for sure, friend. You will tell us the truth." Is that a side-effect of LSD? Well, per a letter I got from a reader named Gary, "Yes, that was indeed LSD that Farnum, I mean Oldham, used to make Sayid talk. The CIA experimented with using LSD as an interrogation tool back in the '60s." So there.

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