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Ben, The Two Of Us Need Look No More

Marina; 2007: You know how a few scenes have been reused this season, but when they are the second time, they're slightly different. This is another one of those. We see Ben tell Sun that there's someone who's going to get them back to the island. Kate leaves in a snit. It's all the same, if a bit shorter. What's different is that when Sayid leaves, he says to Ben (rather than Jack), "If I see you again, it will be extremely unpleasant for us both." Now, maybe this is just a new technique the writers/directors/editors are using this season, but maybe when wee Ben handed Sayid a copy of Castaneda's A Separate Reality, it had multiple meanings. Now sure, it could just refer to the LSD trip on which Sayid is embarking, but maybe there are multiple timelines -- multiple realities -- now. Just stew on that for a while. I know I am. Anyhow, we jump to...

A bar; 2007: Ilana takes a seat next to Sayid, who orders another MacCutcheon. Ilana tries to make small talk with him about the price of the Scotch ($120.00 a shot), but Sayid is grumpy and she really has to work it. Finally, he asks her if she's a "professional." Yo girl, he just called you a 'ho. She doesn't take offense at this, which should be his first clue that she's clearly someone coming to kill or arrest him, but as Ilana notes, Sayid looks sad, and he finally decides to welcome her company. As they talk, he confesses that he's between jobs. He quit his last one, because he's trying to change. Er...wasn't your last job saving the world by building one house at a time? The conversation turns to temptation, because we don't have all night, and Ilana gets Sayid to buy her a shot of MacCutcheon. We then jump to...

The Island; 1977: Oldham interrogates a now giddily tripping Sayid, who gives way more than name, rank and serial number. He says he was in handcuffs because he's "a bad man." And when Oldham wants to know if he was running away from his people, Sayid says, "What people?" Oh, poor chicken. Er... I should find another endearment, shouldn't I? When questioned, Sayid says he's not a hostile. "I came on a plane -- Ajira flight 316, and that's how I returned to the island." He explains that the first time, he was on Oceanic 815 which crashed on the island, and he was there for 100 days. He then adds, "Ask Sawyer." Sawyer shits a brick, when Oldham asks who "Sawyer" is, and he's then saved by the unlikeliest person of all -- Radzinsky, who butts into the interrogation process, because he's still all hung up finding out what Sayid saw when he was at the Flame Station -- you know -- into which he dragged Sayid, in the first place. I'm just sayin'... Sayid confesses that the he knows that the Flame is a communications station, the Pearl was to observe other stations and that the Swan was to study electro-magnetism. "But of course, that was before the incident..." Radzinsky cuts Sayid off with another freak out. Horace orders him to "cool it." Then out of the blue, Sayid tells them they're all going to die. "They're going to kill you." When Oldham asks how he knows this, Sayid says, "Because I am from the future." While Sawyer's eyeballs roll right out of his head, and across the jungle, Oldham allows that maybe he should have only given Sayid half a dropper of goofy juice. When he says, "Ooops," Sayid cracks up. "You used exactly enough." And we cut to...

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