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Ben, The Two Of Us Need Look No More

Sayid's Cell; 1977: Sawyer enters and asks Sayid to hit him in the face. He says he owes him one anyhow, but um Sawyer, you shot electricity through his bits and pieces, so I'm thinking he owes you a little more than that. That is, if we don't count the time Sayid tortured you. But that hasn't happened yet, has it. Except that it has. In another reality. Oh no, I'm getting dizzy again. I have to lie down until it goes away... I'm back! Didja miss me? The short of it is, Sawyer wants Sayid to make it look like he managed to overcome him, stole the keys, and let himself out. Sawyer's pretty sure Phil is no match for Sayid, and so he tells him to get his gun on his way out. Sayid says he appreciates the offer, but he's good where he is. Sawyer warns that they're going to kill him and that he has to escape, but Sayid doesn't care. When he first landed back on the island, he couldn't make rhyme or reason of it, but he's now found his special purpose. Sawyer can't really believe Sayid's special purpose is to get shot, and tells him he's out of his mind. Maybe Oldham really should have used a half a dropper, eh James? Sayid looks at him serenely, and finally, Sawyer leaves in a huff.

He walks back to the Love Shack, but before he enters, he glances over at Kate's cabin. And can no longer resist. Angry with himself, he marches over, and knocks. Kate tries to hide her I've still got it smile with a how do you, old casual acquaintance smile. When she says hi, Sawyer has no time for pleasantries. He demands to know why they came back, because Sayid just filled his ear with his special purpose. Wait, that's not... you know what I mean. Perverts. Kate's ignoring you. She only has eyes for Sawyer and says she doesn't know why everyone else came back. She only knows why she did. Now, you know, I think that's supposed to make us think she came back for Sawyer, but I still think her reason has something to do with Aaron. I wish I knew where he was? Right now, my guess is that he's with Claire's mom, or Sawyer's Baby Mama. Before Sawyer can get any details out of Kate, they hear a vehicle speeding through the compound. Sawyer turns to see a Dharma VW Bus, AFIRE, screaming across the quad. Wow, Juliet must really have issues if Sawyer can't even talk to Kate on her porch. The bus mows down a white picket fence and finally crashes into a cabin. Sawyer says, "What the hell?" rather than "Son of a bitch," and rushes over toward the flames. The cabin ignites just as he gets near, so he runs off to their little water tower. Kate, who was right behind him, gets closer to the cabin and helps its occupants escape. The scene is dark, but they seem to be random females we don't know. All of Dharmaville turns out to battle the inferno, including new recruit, Jack, who asks Sawyer what happened. Sawyer acts like it's Jack's fault. "Three years, no burning buses, you all are back for one day... Get on that hose." That's what he said. Sorry. Sawyer gets on his radio and summons all security to the scene. That includes Phil, who is never off work, it seems.

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