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Ben, The Two Of Us Need Look No More

Once Phil is gone, a cloaked figure enters the antechamber of Sayid's cell. Yeah, it's wee Ben, but the hood is doing nothing to keep me from thinking of him as Harry Potter, and I don't think that's how the show wants me thinking of him, since he seems to have way more in common with He Who Shall Not Be Named. Sayid's standing at the cell door when he enters. He asks Ben what happened to his glasses (they're now broken and have been taped back together, as if the kid isn't having a hard enough time with his adolescence). Ben just says, "My dad." Sayid's voice is smooth like honey, or MacCutcheon's. "For bringing me the sandwich. I know. My father was a hard man, as well." Ben looks at Sayid and tries to smile at his kindness, but his eyes fill with tears. Choked up, he admits, "I really hate it here. If I let you out, will you take me with you... to your people?" Sayid says, "Yes Ben, I will. That's why I'm here." Huh.

Airport; Ajira Air Terminal; 2007: Sayid and Ilana enter and he spots Hurley at the desk. Sayid asks his captor, "Are you sure we're going to Guam?" Ilana says, "Where else would we be going?" in a way that leaves me undecided as to how much she knows. I mean, I'm sure Ben arranged for her to capture Sayid, but I don't know what she knows about that, or if she has an inkling of what she's in for. Maybe she's one of his people now living on the mainland. Maybe she's a pawn. Sayid then sees Jack approach Hurley. Next he sees Kate seated in the waiting area. He stops dead in his tracks. He asks Ilana if they can get the next plane. Ilana refuses, so he adds, "I'm very suspicious when it comes to flying." If only he'd tell/remind her that he's one of the Oceanic 6, he might have a good chance of talking her into a slow boat, instead. As it is, Ilana's unsympathetic. "We'll buy you a rabbit's foot in the gift shop." How 'bout a chicken's foot, instead? No? Okay. We get a good long glimpse of the plane outside and then cut to...

Ajira Flight 316: Sayid peers through the space between his seat and Ilana's to get a look at Sun, then rights himself in his chair. Worry written all over his face. Ilana apologizes for the handcuffs, then adds, "But at least we're in business." Oh yes, he must be so relieved to be even closer to whatever awaits him in "Guam." Ben makes his last minute, breathy entry onto the flight, with his sling, and his cuts, which he SO DIDN'T GET WHILE KILLING PENNY, DO YOU HEAR ME! He and Sayid have a slo-motion stare-down as Ben passes his row. We hear Hurley freak out that Ben's on the plane, and then Sayid gets right in Ilana's face and asks her if she's working for "Benjamin Linus." Her, "What?" seems sincere enough, but Sayid's hyper-vigilant, now and growls, "Are you working for him?" She asks, "Who's Benjamin Linus," but there's no way Sayid can give an answer to that with only a minute or two left in this episode, right. Sayid snarls at her. "He's a liar. A manipulator. A man who allowed his own daughter to be murdered to save himself. A monster responsible for nothing short of genocide." Oh, I guess he did answer it, with time to spare, even. Ilana asks why she'd work for someone like that. Oh, snap! Sayid looks away from her and says, "I did." And we jump to...

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