House Of The Rising Sun

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That Girl From Pyongyang (Unfurled My Long Wang)
Opening-Shot Eyeball of the Day: Sun's! She's tending to some kind of flower on the beach while, out in the shallows, Jin catches a fish with his bare hands. First we've got a hobbit on the island, and now he's joined by Gollum.

Sun's listening in on a conversation between Jack and Kate, conducted as they load backpacks full of empty water bottles. Kate still wants to know what Jack was doing out on his vision quest or whatever, and Jack doesn't want to tell her. She tells him that his tattoos don't seem to jibe with the steadfast doctor she thinks he is. "Are you one of those hardcore spinal surgeons?" she asks playfully. Charlie interrupts to tell them that if they're finished "verbally copulating," they should get moving -- everyone needs water, and Locke, who's shown shaving with one of the smaller of his 400 knives, wants to get going. As they hike off, Kate tells Charlie to ask Jack about his tattoos. "Oh," replies Charlie, "you guys have an inside joke. How absolutely wonderful for you both." Dominic Monaghan is good at taking lines that are only barely jokes and turning them funny. Also, Evangeline Lilly looks so much better smiling than she does sad and pensive. Alas, she won't get many more chances to smile this episode, or probably ever.

Back to Sun and Jin. Still holding the flower, she sees him bash the fish (so juicy sweet!) against a piece of fuselage. The score starts to incorporate some high-pitched flutes so that we know we're about to focus on the Asians. Sun gives the ol' Thousand-Yard Stare of Impending Flashback and...

…we're at some kind of elegant evening party, complete with string quartet playing in the background. There will be many flashbacks in this episode to Sun's and Jin's past, but it's never made clear where they live. North Korea? South Korea? Sydney? Somewhere else? Adding to the confusion is the fact that the scenes meant to be set at Sun's father's house seem to have been shot at the distinctly Japanese Byodo-In in O'ahu's Valley of the Temples. Let's just say for now that Sun and Jin appear to live in Koreastralia. I myself have spent some quality time at Byodo-In, which is lovely; the pools around the gardens are filled with koi, who have been fed fish food so often by tourists (it's available for a couple bucks a bag) that they crowd the water underneath the bridges and, when you throw some food in, churn the water into a scary froth of scales and wide-open gullets. Plus, if you've been wishing you could feel like Snow White, you can hold your hand out with a tiny bit of fish food and watch sparrows flit onto your fingers to pluck the pellets away. Anyways, Sun is chatting with a group of friends, who all disappear instantly when a passing waiter offers subtitled champagne. The waiter, in full waiter regalia, is Jin. He gives her a sly look as

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