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Married people never talk anymore
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The episode begins with a panoramic shot of the beach -- beautiful -- and then with a panoramic shot of Jin's face. It's also beautiful -- Daniel Dae Kim is one of those humans who looks like his face was designed by a CAD program tweaked for extraordinary symmetry and balance. Either that, or he's one of those super-engineered humans from the future, and he came back in time in order to save humanity from being subjected to The Bachelor-related shows five nights a week.

Anyway, we're looking at Jin's face, which is a sure cue that we're about to go into flashback...and then we see him dressed in a suit, standing with his head bowed, in what must be the office of Sun's father. By the way, that office is roughly the size of the entire newsroom where I work. Sun's father is engaging in a classic dominance display, i.e. futzing with a memo while Jin waits. Jin tries not to fidget anxiously. Eventually, Sun's dad asks, "Why do you want to marry my daughter?" Jin replies, "Mr. Paik, I may be from a fishing village, but I have ambitions." Mr. Paik is understandably curious about those ambitions. Not curious enough to look up from what he's doing, but curious enough to make Jin sweat a little. Jin would like to open a restaurant, and one day own his own hotel. Mr. Paik asks what Jin's dad thinks of this would-be marriage, and Jin's all, "My father? I was created by a CAD program from the future and sent back here to your time. My father's response when I psychically e-mailed him was '011110111 0000 00100011 10101.' Please don't ask me to translate. Your present-day human brain wouldn't comprehend.'"

Or maybe he just looks uncomfortable. There's a long pause, and Mr. Paik actually looks up from what he's doing. Jin looks at the floor and says his dad's dead. For some reason, this gets Mr. Paik's attention, and he asks, "What would you do for my daughter." Jin says, "Anything." Mr. Paik sets the trap: "Even work for me?" Jin steps into the trap, saying, "Of course." Mr. Paik springs the trap: "Why would I give my daughter to a man who sells his own dreams so easily?" But Jin's like the wind, baby -- nobody traps him. He responds, "Because she is my dream. Sir." Mr. Paik holds out his hand for the shaking, which is probably as close to a hearty clap on the back and a "Welcome to the family, son," as it's going to get. Jin manages to keep most of the smile on his face.

Back in the present, he's definitely not smiling. The cause for concern: Sun strolling along in a bikini. I don't get why he's unhappy -- it's not like her bikini reveals unpleasant surprises, like a body covered in tiny purple tentacles. He gets a "here we go again" look and rushes over, shouting, "Are you out of your mind?"

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