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Married people never talk anymore

Anyway, Jin's rushing back into the house, hoping to get in the bathroom and get Byung Han's blood off him before Sun catches him. Whoops! No such luck. She comes in, and we basically see the same scene that we saw back when it was Sun flashing back through the assorted scenes of marital deterioration. Only this time, there's a little more subtext, since we're getting the story from his side, and my guess is that Jin's probably a big ball of angry at everyone right now, the wife included. We have the scene where Sun smacks Jin and looks at him with disgust, and Jin gives her a doozy of a look and seethes, "I do whatever your father tells me. I do it for us." Well, that was...nonspecific. You ever get the feeling these two crazy kids would work it out if they just talked?

So there's Sun in the bathroom, reeling because she's either just realized that her dad's not on the up-and-up, or she's had some suspicions confirmed. And now she's got the pesky of question of what her husband actually does for Daddums. Which she could, you know, know the answer to if he would actually say something about what happened, because there's a world of difference between "I'm your dad's hired goon. Surprisingly, I have an aptitude for delivering contusions, lacerations, and abrasions unto others" and "Your dad would like me to be his hired goon, I would prefer not to be, and my life has devolved into a hellish series of Hobson's choices."

Sun stumbles out, leaving Jin to clean up himself and, one presumes, their bathroom, which is beginning to look a lot like the Ewen High School ladies' room after prom. After she goes, Jin finally faces himself in the mirror with a look of shame and horror, and breaks down.

Back in present time on the island, things aren't going much better for him. He's been planted face-first in the sand. Sawyer cuts him loose, and Jin groggily pushes himself up in time to see Michael sprinting at him with murder in his eye. Jack is bearing down on Michael. Fortunately, Hurley steps in to block Michael too. I'm thinking if there's anyone I'd want between me and anyone else, it would be Hurley. Jin looks up as more castaways pour out of the trees. The camerawork is jerky and chaotic. Michael's screaming that Jin burned down his raft, Jack's trying to talk him down (O, Jack! How ironic you have that name when it's so obvious you're the Ralph of the island!) and everyone gradually forms into a loose circle around Jin.

And then we get the coolest narrative effect ever, with the camera shifting to Jin's perspective and lingering on his ear; as this happens, the rapid-fire argument between the English-speaking castaways shifts to a series of shouted syllables. We see the camera swing from person to person; it's a wonderful way to convey how difficult it is to read a situation when you don't get the language, and how you struggle to make sense of the cues. The camera stops swinging wildly, and we follow Jin's gaze to Sun. She's standing on the edge of the crowd, looking horrified and helpless. She keeps looking at him. He keeps focusing on her. Eventually, he speaks.

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