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Married people never talk anymore

Commercials. Evidently Bud Lite encourages natural selection. Who knew?

When we get back from commercials, the focus of the circle has shifted; Michael's still in the center, but everyone's shifted from looking at Jin on the one end to looking at Sun on the other. Jin is now looking acutely betrayed. Nobody is paying attention to him. Charlie's shouting, "You speak English?" "Didn't see that coming," Hurley drawls. Jack asks, "You understood us? All this time? Why didn't you say anything?" Because everyone's M.O. on the island appears to be "Let's not tell anyone information that could come in handy later"? Because this show appears to be building a theme on how telling part of the truth is the same thing as telling falsehoods? Sun sidesteps all the reactions with the air of a woman who's two seconds away from shouting, "Yeah, yeah, I speak English. Let's drop any linguistic issues here and get to the point: stop beating my husband to death." Instead she says angrily, "Your raft was already on fire when he arrived. He burned his hands trying to put it out." "Then why did he run?" Michael shouts. "Maybe he assumed you'd try to jump to a conclusion and beat the crap out of him. I don't know what could have given him that idea," Sun shoots back. Oh, she does not. She asks Jin, and Jin looks at her. Apparently, this isn't good enough for Michael, who's already played judge and jury. Sun says, "My husband is many things" -- bloody, lacerated, bruised, aching, stinging? -- "but he is not a liar," Sun says. ["Oh, like she'd know. It's not like she didn't jump to the same conclusion. Shut up, Sun." -- Sars]

Cue Sawyer's patented yelp of outrage -- "You're going to lecture us about lying, Betty? From the look on his face, even your old man here didn't know you speak English. How do we know she's not covering for him?" "Because she isn't!" shouts Locke. He'd have been there earlier, but I'm guessing he was distracted by a backgammon game with the polar bear and the monster.

Locke asks, "Why would he burn the raft?" "Because I like to jump to conclusions!" shouts Michael. Or maybe he just demonstrates that with his words. Locke cuts him off with, "Okay, it's personal. But why take it out on our best chance of getting off the island? Why would any one of us block an attempt to get home?" Logic being aimed at Michael? No wonder Jack looks concerned -- he's standing right behind Michael, and is therefore in line if Michael's head explodes from the effort of trying to comprehend cool reason right now. Locke continues, "We're so intent on pointing the finger at one another, that we're ignoring the simple, undeniable truth that the problem isn't here. It's there. They've attacked us! Sabotaged us, abducted us, murdered us. Maybe it's time we stopped blaming us and started worrying about them!" Yeah! Locke for Island Potentate in '05! I do like how it's taken roughly 43 minutes in this episode to get the point where everyone needs reminding that there are crazy people out there in the jungle, plus polar bears and monsters. Locke's parting shot: "We're not the only people on this island, and we know it!" Then he heads off for a mid-morning snack of frog ice cream with frog biscuits. Everyone on the beach looks all embarrassed, like, "Oh, that's right. We do have bigger things to worry about than a nascent love triangle complicated by language barriers!" So Sun takes advantage of the guilty pause to repeat, "He did not do it." Now Michael remembers he has a son, and hauls Walt off without even offering an apology or anything. Everyone else is also, "Well...this has certainly been intense, but we should leave you two to talk. In whatever language works for you two."

With a pained look, Sun takes in the damage to her husband's face. You think she's anguished, you can imagine the tears they're crying in the year 2525. He looks at her, then jerks his head away angrily and turns to shuffle away from her. This scene would be excellent and impactful if only I weren't looking at the beach and thinking, "God, I would love another trip to Hawaii."

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